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      I’m posting here to raise awareness about a scam called the “North America Consumer Promotion Draw.” This is a serious matter, and I have gathered a lot of inside information through various means, including filing a police report and contacting multiple authorities.

      Here’s what I’ve discovered:

      1. I initially reported this scam to the police, which was the first step in uncovering more about this fraudulent scheme.
      2. I reached out to the Toronto Police Service for further investigation. This step was crucial in understanding the scope of the scam.
      3. After contacting Wheaton Bank & Trust, I found out that there are two names associated with the bank account used in this scam. This information is significant because it provides leads on who might be behind this operation.
      4. One of the most alarming discoveries was that 17 more checks had been sent out in just the 17 days prior to my call to the bank. This high frequency of fraudulent checks indicates a large-scale operation.
      5. Armed with this information, I’m considering taking action to confront those responsible and possibly settle out of court.

      I urge everyone to be vigilant and look up this scam online for more information. If you have any similar experiences or advice, please share it here. We need to work together to stop these scammers and protect others from falling victim to their schemes.

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