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      Scam Website URL:!/sign_in

      Details of the Scam:
      A job seeker was scammed after being lured into a job training program through a fraudulent website, The individual participated in two training days but never received the promised payment. Additionally, they were coerced into purchasing Bitcoin worth $188 to send to a specific receiving address.

      Additional Information:

      • Website URL:!/sign_in
      • Domain Information:
      • Registrar: NameSilo, LLC
      • Registered On: May 30, 2024
      • Registrant Contact: Domain Administrator at See, Phoenix, AZ, USA
      • Name Servers:,

      Bitcoin Receiving Addresses:

      Transaction Details:

      • Transaction Hash: f0a222cf5cda106bd56ef358eeac02f79dad31dcd03aa9f0bc57798346d5fae2
      • Total Bitcoin Purchased: 0.00231218 BTC
      • Fees: 0.00006235 BTC, 0.0000601 BTC

      If you have fallen victim to this scam or have encountered similar fraudulent activities, please share your story. Reporting such incidents can help others avoid becoming victims and may assist in taking down fraudulent operations.

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        John Francis

          I am fortunate to have discovered when I did. I just moved to South Florida from out of state and I’ve been looking for work through a few different job boards online. I assume that’s how they found me. I started receiving random spam text messages from different sources promising lucrative remote job offers. This one just said “Hello.”. I’m not sure if I was curious or just bored, but I replied. Almost immediately, the first person started with promises of easy work and ridiculous commissions. I’m skeptical by nature, but being frustrated from a full day of job searching, I consented to being contacted by her “boss” via Whatsapp. About 10 minutes later, I got a call from Sofie. She was very friendly and said she was British but now living in Florida. Possibly true, but more likely to make me feel at ease. It must have worked because I agreed to start the training portion of the job and download the app optimizing site: In the profile tab, she appeared to add funds to my work account. $1,450 i believe. Then she instructed me how to “optimize” a group of 40 apps. All i had do really was click a button and when the first app appeared, click another button and, after the cheesy graphic was done, the first task was completed. THAT’S IT. The whole process took about 5-10 seconds total. That should have been a red flag in hindsight. Instead, what I focused on how my training account grew by 40 cents. I kept completing the tasks until I was at #36/40 a new screen appeared. Apparently, I had come across a “combination task”. This was fairly rare and very lucky for her and me, I was told. She went on to explain that combos greatly multiply your commission, and hers, in this case. The only thing is, they also cost a lot more money from your work account to complete. This should have been red flag #2 for me. But since there was no harm done so far and, since I was making money still, I ignored it and continued. Since the work account was now negative because of the cost of the combo, she appeared to add $600 of her own money so i could finish the tasks. Then when I finished the rest of the 40 tasks she thanked me for helping her earn about $250 in 20 minutes. She then showed me that I had earned $59. After a brief celebration, it was time for my first actual work set of 40 tasks. I was able to finish all 40 in about 10 minutes (no combos). That earned me another $20. Now was the moment of truth. Time to withdraw my earnings. She had me download the app TrustWallet since the pay is in the form of crypto-currency. Which is fine for me. So, after about 30 minutes of “work”, I made $79 USD in the form of 0.0247 ETHEREUM. I know this isn’t the typical scam story up this point. I was actually feeling pretty good and ready for more. What got my attention was when it came time to start a new set of 40 tasks, she informed me that I need a minimum of $100 in my work account to get a new set of tasks. Having earned only $79, she instructed me use my credit card or link my bank account for the remaining balance. Which, I’ll be honest, I considered doing. For about a half of a second, that is. Instead, I gave her some excuse and started checking reviews and researching That’s when I found your review here. This is why I started out by saying that I am very fortunate to have found your website. I know I actually took them for $79, but I got lucky and recognized the red flags in time. I could have lost a lot of money. I can easily see how so many people fall prey to these predators. I really hope this helps others. All I can say is, trust your gut. Thank you for letting me share.

          TLDR: John Francis shared his experience of almost falling victim to a job training scam by He received a spam text promising a remote job, followed by a call from someone claiming to be a British recruiter in Florida. After completing simple tasks on an app, he saw his training account balance increase, which made him trust the process. However, when he was asked to deposit more money to continue, he became suspicious and decided to research the company. Finding, he realized it was a scam and avoided losing more money.

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              Hi John Francis,

              Thank you for sharing your experience with on It’s unfortunate to hear how these scams can target vulnerable job seekers. Your detailed account provides valuable insights and can help others recognize similar red flags.

              It’s great to hear that you found our website on time and avoided losing more money. Your advice to trust your gut is essential, and your story highlights the importance of being cautious and conducting thorough research before engaging with any online job offers or investments.

              If you have any more details or updates on your situation, please feel free to share. Your contributions help us build a stronger, more informed community.

              Best regards,

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            Clifford Deslippe

              I believe I’m scammed the same way you do sets of 40 you accumulate commissions but then it stops and you have to replenish in order to keep going and keeps repeating and you can’t withdraw your funds

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                I was using the investment I had once I was working through the first few days and there are tasks that ask for more money and has compounded to the point that I am in debt now of over 4K

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                    Hi Kyle,

                    I’m very sorry to hear about your experience with Seeing how these fraudulent schemes can cause such financial harm is devastating. Here are some steps you can take to address the situation:

                    1. Report the Scam: File a complaint with your local authorities and financial regulatory bodies. In the US, you can report to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).
                    2. Contact Your Bank: Inform your bank or credit card company about the fraudulent transactions. They might be able to help you reverse the charges or provide guidance on protecting your remaining funds.
                    3. Seek Legal Advice: Consider consulting a lawyer who specializes in financial fraud. They can advise on potential recovery actions and your rights as a victim.
                    4. Document Everything: Keep a detailed record of all your interactions with, including emails, transaction receipts, and any other relevant communications. This documentation will be critical for any investigations or legal actions.

                    If you need further assistance or advice, please contact us.

                    Best regards,

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