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      A concerning scam has been reported involving, where individuals are offered free Bitcoin through a voucher scheme. The catch comes when attempting to withdraw the promised Bitcoin to a BTC wallet or bank account. The victim reported being unable to proceed with the withdrawal or delete their account on the website. In response to this scam, the individual has taken precautionary measures by blocking the website, removing any associated information from their phone, and securing their financial accounts by locking all debit/credit cards and changing passwords.

      Key Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • Offer: Free Bitcoin with a voucher, leading to withdrawal issues.
      • Account Deletion: Victims cannot delete their accounts or withdraw funds.
      • Precautionary Measures: Blocking the website, removing associated information, locking cards, and changing passwords.

      Location of Targeted Person: TX, USA – 79121

      Scammer Information:

      • Email:

      Date Reported: December 7, 2023

      If you’ve encountered a similar scheme through or have been contacted by the email associated with this scam, please share your experience. Your story can help warn others and potentially assist in gathering more information for OSINT investigations. Please come forward if you have any further details, such as additional contact information, transaction IDs, or communications with the scammer. Together, we can raise awareness and prevent others from falling victim to similar cryptocurrency scams.

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