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      We have identified a complaint regarding a possible scam under the guise of a transaction involving USDC, a well-known stablecoin. The fraudulent activity was reported with the following details:

      • Scam Name: Circle
      • Suspected Scam Website:
      • Transaction Hash: 1bc40843f39d90c330cfca4a2aa0006c7dc1413f770f00072bbd4c9175e8bf1a

      It appears that an amount of 889.381955 USDC was withdrawn with a processing fee of 22.959532 USDC, totaling 912.341487 USDC. The withdrawal was completed and transferred to an Ethereum address starting with 0xf6e439f4Cac2f7879B835DdA....

      For OSINT investigations, please note the Ethereum transaction details, including the gas price and limit, timestamp, block ID, and related transaction IDs, which can help trace the activity.

      If you or someone you know has been affected by a similar scam under the same or different names, please share your experience to help warn others and potentially aid in the investigation of these fraudulent activities. Remember to provide as much detail as possible without compromising personal sensitive information.

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