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      Attention Needed: A concerning report has come to light involving a website that is potentially conducting fraudulent activities. The site in question is, and it has been implicated in a case where a victim’s account was emptied. The scammers have allegedly demanded an additional payment of $4,000 to return the stolen funds.

      Case Details:

      • Cryptocurrency Involved: Bitcoin
      • Transaction Hash: 0x0e2a1730c73a5f0840358de86ded9feaedcf6ca8a121ac7ad2002e726e032728
      • Reported Scam Name: Airbnb (Note: The actual Airbnb is not involved; the scam name is used illegitimately)
      • Scam Website URL:

      Additional OSINT-Relevant Information:

      • A transaction on Etherscan with a hash of 0x0e2a1730c73a5f0840358de86ded9feaedcf6ca8a121ac7ad2002e726e032728 indicates the transfer of funds to an address that may be associated with the scam.
      • A screenshot provided shows a transfer of 0.4 ETH to the address 0x097B091EF1B57bA6eA46FB6Ea4a81732B9f735d.

      If you have fallen victim to the same or a similar scam, please come forward and share your story. It is vital to collect more information to assist in potential recovery efforts and to alert the community to this fraudulent activity. Together, we can create a clearer picture of the scam’s operations and help prevent others from falling victim to similar schemes.

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