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      We have received a serious complaint indicating a potential scam involving a significant amount of money by a website claiming to be a DeFi Encrypt Trading Platform.

      Scam Details:

      • Scam Name: DeFi Encrypt Trading Platform (Futures Exchange Page)
      • Scam Website URL:
      • Transaction Hash: Oxa95276f373e3a64b35b47251d63b4eOb1d53Oebf (Please note that this transaction hash contains characters that do not correspond with typical hashes and may be incorrect or altered)
      • Receiving Addresses:
      • 0x156d3FC1aC9a47aB63702B1fE92ec33DOBbeDb4E
      • 0x24ef11f30438361135310af06652da02e62199e1
      • 0xac7abe10af56847011f894a268c16de740106f24
      • As the narrative indicates, additional addresses may be involved, including one starting with “BxnCqBGCflPVDWxgAeRqB6u.”

      Additional Information:

      • Emails from Kraken (, dated between May and June 2023, detail Ethereum transactions, adding to a significant loss, reportedly totaling $57,000 USD.

      Please share your story if you have engaged with this platform or any of the addresses listed and have experienced similar issues. Community reports can be crucial in identifying and stopping these fraudulent activities.

      Conducting transactions with extreme caution and skepticism is important, especially when large sums are involved. Always verify the legitimacy of platforms and never share sensitive information or conduct transactions based on unsolicited communications.

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