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      Scam Type: Cryptocurrency
      Date Reported: October 10, 2023
      Victim’s Location: BC, CAN- V2T 6X7

      Scammer’s Information:

      • Location: ON, Canada
      • Phone Number: 1(647) 478-2045
      • Websites:,,

      Description: A victim was drawn into a scam involving multiple websites (,, and under the guise of offering automated trading to earn profits and build a cryptocurrency portfolio. The scam began with a promise of a signup bonus and required an initial deposit of .005 BTC to access funds on After complying, the victim faced ever-changing requirements and was eventually locked out of accessing their funds without making further substantial deposits. The scam involved deceptive practices, including false claims about deposit requirements, premium status upgrades, and manipulative tactics over phone calls from numbers claiming to be from the UK but originating in Ontario, Canada.

      The victim lost a total of $583 CAD through engagements with these platforms and received an onslaught of calls from various numbers across Canada’s east coast, further indicating a coordinated scam effort.

      Dollars Lost: $583 CAD

      Useful Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • Fraudulent Websites:,,
      • Known Phone Number: 1(647) 478-2045
      • Scam Method: Changing terms to access funds, requiring additional deposits, deceptive phone calls.

      If you have fallen victim to Quantum AI or scams involving,, or similar schemes, please share your story. Specific details such as the method of contact, transaction specifics, receiving addresses, and any other relevant information can significantly aid in investigating these fraudulent operations and preventing others from falling victim.

      Your experiences are crucial for raising awareness and potentially helping others avoid similar scams. Let’s bring these fraudulent activities to light and support one another by sharing information that can help identify and stop these scammers.

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