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      Dear Members,

      Today’s review is on Roliev Trader, a platform found at, which has recently come under scrutiny for potential fraudulent activities.

      Roliev Trader – In-Depth Analysis

      A report from a Boston, Massachusetts resident, dated January 29, 2023, and published on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), outlines a loss of $17,000 to what seemed like a legitimate Bitcoin trading opportunity. The victim was promised a significant payout but ended up receiving nothing.

      Website Scrutiny:

      Roliev Trader claims to be a trusted global CFD and Forex broker based in London, UK. However, the address provided is a shared location housing many businesses, with no specific listing for Roliev Trade. Several red flags have been raised about the website’s professionalism, such as missing contact information and an incorrectly formatted email address.

      Company Verification and Traffic Concerns

      The platform, reportedly only three months old, lacks a verifiable track record or online reviews. It makes dubious claims of having millions of clients despite showing no significant web traffic. Additionally, the link provided for company registration leads to a different entity, further casting doubt on its legitimacy.

      Linked Suspicious Websites

      Our investigation uncovered several other websites with striking similarities to Roliev Trader, suggesting they might be part of the same fraudulent network. These websites also exhibit traits indicative of scams.

      Recent Complaint and Alarming Pattern

      An update on February 10, 2023, details another complaint involving Roliev Trader. The victim was led to invest in cryptocurrency through a broker on Facebook, with the promise of a substantial return. However, after transferring funds and registering on the website, the individual found their account empty and the website later became inaccessible.

      Roliev Trader Review Conclusion: Scam Alert

      Based on the evidence and complaints, Roliev Trader appears to be a scam. The website’s lack of professionalism, absence of verifiable information, and its association with other dubious sites strongly suggest fraudulent activity.

      If you’ve had similar experiences or have been a victim of such scams, please share your story in the comments. Remember, vigilance and thorough research are crucial when engaging with online investment platforms.

      Stay informed and cautious in your investment decisions.

      Sathish M

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