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      We’ve been informed of a scam operation targeting users through a fraudulent Cash App service, causing victims financial distress. If you’ve interacted with or a user named Marcus Tillman on Cash App, please be vigilant.

      Case Details:

      • Type of Cryptocurrency Involved: Bitcoin
      • Transaction Hash: Approximately 0.0030111 BTC
      • Scam Name: Marcus Tillman
      • Scam Website URL: (Note: This may be a fraudulent URL, as the official Cash App website has a different URL)
      • Receiving Address: $MBTILLMAN

      We encourage anyone affected by Marcus Tillman or who has made transactions to the Cash App $Cashtag $MBTILLMAN to share their experiences. By doing so, we can work together to piece together information and help prevent further losses.

      Stay cautious, verify before transacting, and help each other stay safe from scams.

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