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      Scam Details:

      • Amount Lost: 2380 USDT
      • Scam Activity: Fraudulent sales practices at shopping mall.
      • Scam Method: Victims report being recruited for sales positions and subsequently defrauded of their money. The scam operators repeatedly demand additional funds to process or release the victim’s money.

      Alert: The website has been identified in a scam complaint, where the victim was promised a sales position, only to be scammed out of 2380 USDT. The fraudsters continued to solicit more money from the victim, claiming it was necessary to send their earnings.

      If you have experienced a similar scam or have interacted with, please come forward with your story. Sharing your experiences can be invaluable in an Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigation and may help prevent others from falling victim to the same scam.

      To those affected, it’s important to report these incidents to the appropriate financial and cybercrime authorities. Additionally, sharing any contact details, transaction IDs, and wallet addresses related to the scam can provide crucial leads for tracking the scammers.

      Invitation to Share: Have you been scammed by or a similar scheme? Share your experiences to raise awareness and assist others who might be targeted. Your information could be the key to unveiling the fraudsters behind this scam.

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          Hello Mehmet,

          Thank you for sharing your experience with It’s unfortunate to hear about the significant amount of money you’ve been blocked from accessing. Your detailed account of the scam’s operations provides valuable insight into its fraudulent practices and will undoubtedly help others be more vigilant.

          Before taking any action, especially publicizing personal information, we urge you to consider the potential legal implications of doing so. While your intention to warn others is commendable, sharing personal information publicly can have unintended consequences.

          Instead, we recommend focusing on legal avenues for recourse and prevention. Engaging with cybercrime authorities and providing them with all the information you’ve gathered can be more effective in stopping these scammers. Additionally, if you’ve lost a significant amount in cryptocurrency, consider contacting specialized services like CNC Intelligence for assistance tracing and potentially recovering your assets. They have the expertise to handle such cases and can offer the support you need.

          Remember, sharing your story on platforms like ours is a powerful step toward raising awareness. We encourage everyone who has had similar experiences to come forward. Together, we can strengthen our defense against these fraudulent schemes and support each other in the recovery process.

          Stay safe and vigilant,
          Adam from ScamCrypto Forum

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            They’ve blocked nearly 5000 US dollars of my money. According to the rules of the so-called shopping site, you cannot make a withdrawal while there is an active order. This is almost never possible because orders are constantly coming in. They deceive you by showing the profit margin as 40%. For example, your budget is over and you are in a tight situation that cannot manage the dropship process, you cannot cancel the order. If the order is delayed, they block all your money and ask you to deposit another $ 1000. Then they say you can unblock your account and withdraw your money. When you try to withdraw your money at once with that concern, they say that your account is blocked again with the possibility of money laundering and that you have to deposit 2300-odd dollars again to unblock this blockage. Since all transfers continue through the crypto wallet, you cannot legally follow the course of events.

            I have accessed all the information of the person who deceived me and the woman who wrote from whatsapp on the so-called hotline and applied to the international courts. I will share their personal information on twitter or similar social media sites by writing with all the internal details of the event for precautionary purposes so that others do not lose their money.


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            Dodge Cools

              I have been using this website for more than a year. Every time I withdraw money, I can get it quickly. This is not a scam. You must have done something wrong, or you have used a fake 2345t website.

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                  Hello Dodge Cools,

                  Thank you for sharing your perspective on It’s valuable to hear from users with different experiences. While it’s encouraging to know that you’ve had successful transactions with this website, it’s important to acknowledge that experiences can vary widely, especially on online platforms.

                  The nature of online scams often involves a mix of legitimate and fraudulent operations to create confusion and lend credibility to the scam. It’s possible that some users might not encounter any issues, while others may become victims of sophisticated fraud schemes. This discrepancy doesn’t invalidate the experiences of those who have been defrauded.

                  We urge all users to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging with any online platform, even if there are positive testimonials. It’s also crucial for the community to come together and share their experiences, whether positive or negative. This collective wisdom can help others make informed decisions and potentially avoid scams.

                  Let’s continue to support and inform each other, keeping our online community safe from potential scams.

                  Adam from ScamCrypto Forum

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