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      Attention to anyone who has encountered or been directed to trade on the TTaurus app through WhatsApp groups or Instagram advertisements. A serious scam operation involving stock trading and cryptocurrency forecasts has come to light, resulting in significant financial losses.

      Details of the Scam:

      • Platform Involved: TTaurus app, misleadingly available on the Apple Play Store.
      • Scam URL: (Note: URL may contain typos or inaccuracies)
      • Total Reported Loss: $27,000 by the primary victim, and $15,000 by their friend.
      • Contact Number for Scammers: (646) 431-5842
      • Scammers Identified as: Mr. Baer Petitt and Olia Daraban, admins of a WhatsApp group promoting stock and crypto trading.
      • Type of Scam: Cryptocurrency and Stock Trading

      Victims were lured into transferring funds for cryptocurrency trading based on the misleading security offered by the app’s presence in a reputable app store. Attempts to withdraw funds were denied, and the scammers cut off further communication.

      Sharing your story is encouraged for those who have experienced similar or related scams, especially involving the TTaurus app or the individuals named above. Your information may provide valuable leads for open-source intelligence (OSINT) efforts to identify and expose the perpetrators behind these schemes.

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        Tina Smith

          While it was no where near 100,000 I also had money stolen from this group and this app; I was not able to remove hundreds of dollars and then the app and my money just vanished into white space and can no longer even be found on the APP store. Of course the number is not in service and the WhatsAPP group has vanished as well.

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              Hi Tina,

              It’s troubling to hear about your experience with the TTaurus app and the significant losses incurred. The tactics you’ve described are classic signs of a sophisticated scam operation, particularly using a reputable platform to lure victims into a false sense of security.

              Given the details you’ve provided, engaging with a specialized service like CNC Intelligence might be beneficial. They have a proven track record in assisting with cryptocurrency tracing and fund recovery efforts, especially for substantial sums and complex cases.

              I recommend documenting all your transactions and communications with the TTaurus app and the individuals involved. This evidence will be vital for any investigation or recovery attempt. You can contact CNC Intelligence to explore your options for recovering your funds.

              If you need further guidance on proceeding or have other concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Stay strong, and remember, sharing your story helps protect others and builds a more resilient community to scams.

              Best regards,

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            Roy Hammonds

              TTaurus has another scammer involved on the site His name is Jordan Sparks. He claims he is assisting the “treasurer” of TTaurus to help people reclaim the money they have earned on the site he also says that TTaurus will permanently close down on April 15 2024. If you haven’t made arrangements with Jordan Sparks any money on the platform will be lost forever. There is a “gas fee” involved in this new transaction that will cost thousands of dollars and must be paid up front before any of your money can be reclaimed. I told JORDAN SPARKS that I will pay no further money to the platform and my entire account had disappeared by the following day. I had over $700,000 in that account. There is now no record of my transactions and TTaurus has disappeared. You can no longer download their platform on apple apps.

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                  Roy, I’m deeply sorry to hear about your experience with the TTaurus platform and the significant losses you’ve faced. Your courage in sharing your story is crucial in raising awareness and potentially aiding others in avoiding similar traps.

                  Given the scale of your financial loss, engaging with specialized services like CNC Intelligence could offer a path towards seeking some form of resolution. Their expertise in cryptocurrency tracing and assistance in fund recovery cases for law enforcement and law firms could be invaluable.

                  I strongly recommend compiling all available evidence of your transactions and communications with the platform and contacting CNC Intelligence for a consultation.

                  Stay strong, and remember, sharing your experience helps build a community that’s more resilient to scams.

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                Roy Hammonds
                  1. Multiple bank wires sent over 2 months totaling more than $100,000
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                      In response to your post about falling victim to a scam involving the TTaurus app and experiencing significant financial loss through bank wires totaling more than $100,000, it’s crucial to take immediate steps to address this situation. Given the large amount of money lost, CNC Intelligence, with its expertise in assisting law enforcement and law firms in asset and fund recovery, could provide specialized assistance in your case.

                      The first step would be to gather all the available evidence related to your transactions and interactions with the scammers. Documentation such as transaction records, communication logs, and other relevant information will be crucial. Then, reaching out to CNC Intelligence for a consultation would be a wise move to understand the potential pathways for recovering the funds.

                      Sharing your story on platforms like, as you have done, is also beneficial for raising awareness and potentially aiding in the collective effort to track and counteract such scams.

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