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      The community needs to be aware of a scam involving a fraudulent scheme related to cryptocurrency investments through a website named “” This scam preys on individuals by enticing them with daily interest earnings on cryptocurrency investments and imposing unexpected withdrawal fees after a certain period.

      Scam Details:

      • Dollars Lost: $1,000
      • Location of Targeted Individual: FL, USA – 33169
      • Fraudulent Website:
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency Withdrawal Fee
      • Date Reported: December 13, 2023

      Victims are informed that to withdraw their earnings, they must pay a fee, especially if they miss an “allocated time” for withdrawal. Additionally, scammers offer to “help” with these fees by sending a check that victims are instructed to deposit exclusively at an ATM, promising that it includes extra funds to purchase Bitcoin on behalf of the managers. However, these checks are fraudulent, often bouncing after a few days and leaving victims out of pocket for any money sent to the scammers.

      One victim noticed discrepancies with the check provided, such as mismatched bank designs and invalid company information, revealing the scam before further losses were incurred. The check was supposedly from “FNB” (First National Bank) but was confirmed to have no ties to any branches, especially not in Alabama, as indicated.

      Please share your story if you have encountered a similar scam, particularly involving “” or any scheme involving cryptocurrency investments and withdrawal fees. Your experience, including communication with the scammers, transaction details, and how you were approached, can be incredibly useful for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations. This information can help trace the operation of these scams and prevent others from falling victim.

      Be cautious of any investment opportunity that requires payment of fees for accessing your own funds, particularly those that offer to send checks to cover these costs. Always verify the legitimacy of such operations and consult with financial institutions before proceeding with any transactions.

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