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      We’ve identified a significant scam operation and urgently advise the community to be aware of fraudulent activities associated with the website This scam has already victimized individuals, including a foreign student who lost funds intended for tuition.

      Case Details for OSINT Investigation:

      • Scam Name: Resy
      • Fraudulent Website:

      Transaction Details:

      • Scam Cryptocurrency: Ether (ETH)/ERC20 Token
      • Transaction Hash: 0x4C77929b7Be0C6F46700D5a2AE4f2D4B22C0b926
      • Receiving Address (Scammer’s Wallet): 0x20a093beB6cFF3Ec778457b6400537F1B3D66580

      The transaction details, particularly the wallet address, are vital for OSINT efforts to track the flow of stolen funds and potentially identify the scam operators.

      If you’ve also been affected by this scam, you’re not alone; your story can help others. Please share your experiences and any additional information you might have. Together, we can raise awareness and prevent further losses. Stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities.

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        Lisa Holmes

          They tried getting me to pay $101 usd to clear my task to start again earning. I opened a new crypto wallet so they had no idea my address and I was able to send it to myself but to cash out I still need more crypto as I only earned $56

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              We are sorry to hear about your encounter with this scam. Your initiative to open a new crypto wallet was prudent, but please remain cautious and avoid any further transactions that could compromise your financial security. We encourage you to report this incident to the appropriate authorities and provide any details that might aid the investigation.

              Remember: Legitimate companies will never ask you to pay money to clear tasks or access earnings. Always verify the legitimacy of a request before sending funds, and report any suspicious demands immediately.

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