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      Urgent Warning: A fraudulent scheme reported under the name STEcapital has been targeting individuals by convincing them to take out loans and credit cards to engage in deceptive transactions.

      Details of the Scam:

      • Scam Name: STEcapital
      • Scam Website:
      • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin
      • Transaction Hash: bc1q843wq3p9e8dj2e4pa6pyv9h3e8w9vgg8stvf3d

      Victims of this scam have reported substantial financial losses, with criminals persuasively encouraging significant financial risks. The nature of these transactions suggests a highly organized scam operation aiming to exploit personal financial capacities for fraudulent gains.

      If you have any information related to transactions with this website or have experienced similar issues, please share your experiences. Collecting such stories can help understand this scam’s scope and aid in preventive efforts by alerting potential targets. Your input could also support ongoing OSINT investigations by providing crucial data to pursue these criminals effectively.

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