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      Warning: Be advised of a reported scam involving the website “Cindy Kelin” has been accused of defrauding victims by convincing them to invest retirement savings into a fake trading platform.

      Details for OSINT investigations and public awareness:

      • Scam Name: Cindy Kelin (Contact via Facebook; WhatsApp number: 707-690-1881)
      • Scam Website URL:
      • Receiving Address: 0xa2f082d6b4e306860c2412ee301f37cd9309163d
      • Transaction Hash: 0x92ed7fbdded0826355ac334550c2523e2fdf5014d40053767f87ff7c7b3e4352

      The scam involves Ethereum/ERC20 Token transactions, and victims have reported substantial financial losses. If you have been affected by dealings with this individual or website, you are encouraged to share your story. Your information could be crucial in preventing further scams and aiding recovery.

      Please come forward if you have any additional details or have engaged in transactions linked to this scam. Your input is valuable and could assist others in a similar situation.

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