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      We have received a troubling report regarding a scam involving XRP/Ripple. Here are the details:

      • Scam Name: LUNO Impostor Scam Asking for XRP
      • Scam Email:
      • Receiving Address: q7yF3t7XXbsGnkAQ8q5Mhz
      • Transaction Hash: rhcEpGLH5FDB

      A victim was lured into investing in their cryptocurrency and was subsequently scammed. They attempted to recover their funds through various recovery services, which demanded payment upfront, further complicating the situation.

      If you have been scammed by this same fraudster or have any additional information, please share your story in the comments. Your contributions can help us compile evidence and assist more victims in avoiding these scams.

      Stay vigilant and always verify the legitimacy of investment opportunities, especially when dealing with cryptocurrency. If you need further assistance or have been scammed, consider contacting CNC Intelligence for cases involving losses of over $5000.

      Let’s work together to expose these fraudsters and protect our community.

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