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      A concerning scam alert has emerged involving Raul Gonzalez III, also known by the handle @lamboraul, who falsely advertises a product purported to aid in trading. This product, sold for $2,500, has been reported as entirely ineffective and fraudulent, designed solely to swindle buyers out of their hard-earned money. With hundreds of individuals already victimized, it is crucial to raise awareness and prevent further losses.

      Scammer Details:

      • Alias: Raul Gonzalez III, @lamboraul
      • Location: Miami, FL
      • Website:
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency
      • Amount Lost: $2,500
      • Date Reported: January 26, 2024
      • Targeted Victims’ Location: CA, USA – ZIP Code 90017

      Unfortunately, the scammer’s email and phone number remain unknown, complicating efforts to directly confront or report this individual through traditional communication channels. The absence of a registered business name further obscures the scammer’s operations, making it challenging for victims to seek justice or reparations.

      If you or someone you know has been similarly defrauded by Raul Gonzalez III (@lamboraul) or through interactions with, you are encouraged to share your story. By coming forward, you can help paint a clearer picture of this scam’s scope and potentially assist in preventing future scams. Sharing specific details such as payment methods, additional contact information, or any correspondence with the scammer can be incredibly beneficial for ongoing OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) investigations aimed at uncovering and addressing such fraudulent activities.

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