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      Be advised of a scam involving Bitcoin and an entity referred to as “Commander James,” potentially related to transactions made through or imitating the website

      Case Details for Awareness and OSINT Investigations:

      • Cryptocurrency Involved: Bitcoin
      • Transaction Hash: bc1qugm0vahpwpppwwxyf7cz3ge6vgkc57jly6kwnh (This is likely part of a Bitcoin address rather than a transaction hash, which typically is longer and includes both numbers and letters.)
      • Alleged Scam Entity: Commander James
      • Suspected Scam Website URL: (Note: Trust Wallet is a legitimate service; the scam may involve a phishing site or other deceptive practices misusing the brand name.)

      If you have sent bitcoins to the address involved or have been in contact with the alleged scammer and have information that might assist in recovery efforts, please share your experience. When doing so, provide all pertinent details, including transaction IDs, correspondence, screenshots, and specific interactions with the website or individuals involved.

      Community vigilance is key in combating such scams. If you have been affected by this scam or one similar, contributing your information can help warn and protect others within the community.

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