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      Attention TRON (TRC-10/TRC-20) Token Holders:

      There have been reports of a scam operation falsely representing (Good Old Games). Individuals are being deceived into making transfers under the guise of legitimate transactions.

      Key Details from Victim Reports:

      • Scam Name: Falsely using (Good Old Games)
      • Scam Website URL: (This is NOT the legitimate website of the well-known digital distribution platform, which is without the ‘-group’ addition.)
      • Receiving Address: TE85FHoXmX7TR69W7D61wkKx5c1a5u3v4J

      Identified Transaction Hashes:

      • 7bda3574618992588685a5080afd43551c1dccbd81bfbde3c867355c60f0d946
      • Additional hashes are provided in the uploaded evidence by the victim.

      Please share your story if you’ve experienced a scam involving this website or address. The shared information could be vital for open-source intelligence (OSINT) efforts to track the perpetrators and prevent further scams.

      For those affected, know that you are not alone. Speaking up can aid your recovery and help the broader community stay vigilant against such fraudulent schemes.

      Note: Always confirm the website’s authenticity and verify the legitimacy of the company you’re engaging with before sending any funds. The real does not conduct transactions in cryptocurrency.

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