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      Hello everyone,

      I wanted to share a cautionary tale about my recent experience with a company named E* Trading Financial, particularly involving an individual named Rodger A. Lawson.

      While searching for a job, I received a message on Telegram inviting me to join a trading group managed by E* Trading Financial. Curious about how it operated, and given my financial struggles, I decided to explore this opportunity. Within the group, I inquired about the legitimacy of their operations and received positive feedback, so I chose to invest.

      Rodger A. Lawson, who introduced himself as the group’s administrator, promised me a return of $3,500 on a mere $100 investment. Initially, this seemed like an incredible opportunity. However, after my initial investment, Rodger began requesting additional funds to cover various fees, which he claimed were necessary to process my earnings. Naively, I believed him and ended up sending almost $3,000 to their so-called money administrator, Cassie Cox.

      Their strategies were highly persuasive, and I fell for them, hoping to improve my financial situation. But now, I am filled with worry. Not only have I lost a significant amount of money, but I also face the risk of losing my home where I live with my children.

      I am sharing my story here to warn others about E* Trading Financial and these individuals. Please be cautious with such offers, especially when they seem too good to be true.

      Any advice or support from this community would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you for reading.

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          I’m really sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience. However, it’s important to clarify that what you’ve described sounds like a classic case of an impostor scam. The details you’ve provided suggest that the individuals claiming to be from E* Trading Financial and Rodger A. Lawson were likely not affiliated with the legitimate E* Trade company.

          These scammers are skilled at impersonating reputable companies or individuals to gain trust and then exploit it for financial gain. It’s a common tactic where they create a sense of urgency and promise high returns on investments, only to keep asking for more money under various pretexts.

          I strongly recommend reporting this incident to the appropriate authorities, such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or your local consumer protection agency. Also, it might be helpful to reach out to the actual E* Trade company and inform them about this scam being conducted in their name. They might issue a warning to other potential victims.

          Please don’t blame yourself too harshly; these scammers are very convincing and prey on people’s trust and financial needs. Moving forward, always double-check the legitimacy of any company or individual offering investment opportunities, especially those that contact you unsolicited.

          Stay strong and take care.

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