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      Hello everyone,

      My name is Michaela, and I find myself in a difficult situation where I desperately need advice and perhaps assistance from those who might have faced similar issues.

      On the 27th of November, I fell victim to a scam. The scammer pretended to be a representative from PayPal and compromised my account. They managed to transfer money from my Chime account to theirs. Following this incident, I immediately reported the scam to my bank and filed a dispute against this fraudulent transaction.

      However, the situation has become even more distressing. The bank has denied my dispute, stating that they found no error in the transaction. Now, they are insisting that I repay the amount that was credited to me as a result of the scam. This response from the bank is incredibly frustrating, as it seems they have not investigated the matter thoroughly and are unjustly holding me responsible for the scam.

      I am adamant about not paying this amount to the bank, as I am the victim in this scenario. It’s unfair to be penalized for a situation where my account was compromised by a scammer.

      Has anyone else experienced a similar issue with their bank, especially after being scammed? Any advice on how to handle this situation, or recommendations for any steps I can take to resolve this and possibly get my money back, would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you in advance for any guidance or shared experiences.

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