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      Be alert to a new cryptocurrency scam reported on March 23, 2024, by an individual in CO, USA, with ZIP code 81416. The fraudulent scheme involves an email titled “Acute announcement: Critical attention necessary. ID Code *. Execute Bitcoin to USD conversion. Approved status confirmed and validated!” and mentions using Google Forms with encryption TLS from

      Scammer Contact Information:

      • Email:
      • Website:
      • Reported Scammer Location: Oregon (OR)

      Scam Characteristics:

      • Scam disguises as a Bitcoin Miner business.
      • Involves emails prompting Bitcoin to USD conversion, claiming approved and validated status.
      • Utilizes a website that potentially has a fraudulent dashboard for cryptocurrency transactions.

      If you’ve encountered this scam or similar deceptive tactics, your experience is invaluable to prevent further victimization. Visit our dedicated portal for reporting and discussions, and share your story. Your input not only aids others in recognizing such scams but also contributes to a collective effort against online fraud. Let’s join forces to highlight and halt these crypto scams.

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