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      A report has been filed regarding a sophisticated scam operating under the guise of a business called “Coolshop,” orchestrated by an individual named Jenny. This scam targets university students and vulnerable individuals by offering them a base salary plus commissions for completing orders, only to entrap them in a negative balance, which they are pressured to cover with their own or borrowed funds.

      Essential Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • Scam Website:!/my-plan
      • Scammer Alias: Jenny (no further details provided)
      • Cryptocurrency: Ether (ETH)/ERC20 Token
      • Intended Transaction Hash: 0x93692ca3a481880a53df3f14adbc61fe2a60f8b6
      • Actual Transaction Hash: 0xbe4c3535ee7f8943f3c59ef1d94a9e74dc25ad5e5ba0b28def5549965eba9f2b
      • Intended Receiving Address: 0x83cf80821050195A1aC466BB969A79dD2B290621
      • Address ETH Was Transferred To: 0x4180A586726e6e5beEf0Dd2fC7BF14C9F8Cf7A68

      This operation presents a fake opportunity, manipulating victims into making financial commitments with the promise of reimbursement that never materializes. If you have encountered “Coolshop,” been in contact with someone named Jenny in this context or have experienced a similar scam, please share your story.

      Your account could provide valuable assistance in piecing together the activity of the perpetrators and may contribute to preventing further exploitation. Please come forward if you have any additional information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, or other contact information related to “Coolshop” or associated scams.

      Together, we can help protect and inform the community about predatory schemes by shedding light on these deceptive practices. Your voice is powerful—let it be heard.

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