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      A user has fallen prey to a suspected cryptocurrency scam, affecting both Ethereum and USDC tokens. On the last day of December, the user executed a withdrawal of 0.086 ETH from Bitget to their MetaMask wallet. Initially, it seemed the transaction was successful, but shortly after, the funds mysteriously vanished from the wallet. A closer examination of the Etherscan record revealed unauthorized activity; the Ethereum had been illicitly moved to a different address. Notably, the transaction displayed a glaring discrepancy: a nominal transfer amount paired with an exorbitantly high transaction fee of 0.081 ETH, a red flag for potential scam activity.

      The incident took a more alarming turn when a similar pattern emerged with a USDC withdrawal. The same date and time as the transaction’s confirmation, the USDC balance in the MetaMask wallet was depleted, signaling a repeated compromise of wallet security.

      The dubious Ethereum transfer was directed to the address 0xf26E66e5B89F09087566B5df0007F3abD6c44fb0, with the associated transaction hash recorded as 0x72489a00f626b94ca1a97716dbd4e8094b1e6515e7402bb05a0a1727efdb9195, marking critical evidence in the ongoing investigation of this cybersecurity incident.

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