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      A friend shared a post about how much money he had made, so I contacted him to ask if it was a scam. He assured me it wasn’t and suggested I contact the person involved, ‘Mrs. Sarah’. During our conversation, Mrs. Sarah described the profits I could make. I explained that I didn’t have much money and could only invest a small amount. She confidently told me that I couldn’t lose. So, I invested £50 and, astonishingly, within an hour, it appeared that I had made £3000. This seemed great at the time!

      When I attempted to withdraw my earnings, I was asked for a pin. Mrs. Sarah directed me to the support team, who then informed me that it would cost £500 to obtain the pin needed for withdrawal. Confronting Mrs. Sarah about this, she claimed ignorance of the pin requirement and insisted that I had to purchase it to access my funds. I was frustrated, especially since I had invested all the money I had. I refused, stating I couldn’t afford it.

      A few weeks later, Mrs. Sarah contacted me again, offering the pin for a reduced price of £125. Reluctantly, I paid this amount, only to be told afterward that it wasn’t sufficient and I still needed to pay the full £500. I explained my financial constraints and that I couldn’t possibly borrow such an amount. After that, I decided to ignore further communications.

      Recently, a friend, suspecting foul play, did some research and discovered it was indeed a scam, operated under various website names. I’m relieved I didn’t pay more than I did. It’s appalling how they exploit people, especially knowing my financial situation. If there’s any way to recover the £175 I invested, it would be a significant relief, as I’m already struggling financially. The prospect of making £3000 seemed like a much-needed lifeline, but sadly, it was just a scam.

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