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      Hello, fellow forum participants!
      Today, we’re examining, a site that has recently come under scrutiny. This review aims to dissect the site’s credibility, examining various aspects to determine whether it’s a legitimate platform or another online scam. A Closer Look

      – Registration and Hosting: Registered in October 2022 through Pte. Ltd, the site is hosted by Alibaba and protected by Cloudflare.
      – Red Flags in Website Content: The site’s content, including its copyright line, seems outdated and possibly plagiarized, raising immediate concerns about its authenticity.
      – Company Profile Claims: presents itself as a crypto exchange center but offers little verifiable information about its operations or team.

      Signs of Potential Scam

      – Unreasonable Fee Requests: Similar to a case reported to the BBB, the site allegedly demands exorbitant fees (20% of total profit) for withdrawals, which is unusual for legitimate trading platforms.
      – Lack of Transparency: The absence of clear ownership details and the site’s low visitor numbers add to the suspicion.
      – Shared Hosting with Low-rated Websites: The presence of on a server that hosts other low-rated websites is concerning.

      User Reviews and External Analysis

      – Mixed Reviews: Platforms like and present mixed insights, with some users reporting high minimum investment amounts and referral commissions, while others caution about the site’s low trust score and hidden owner identity.
      – Complaints Received: We’ve encountered complaints from users claiming difficulties in withdrawing their earnings, coupled with threats of account freezing and additional fees.


      Based on our investigation, we advise extreme caution when dealing with The combination of red flags – from dubious fee requests to a lack of transparency – strongly suggests that it might be a scam.

      Stay informed and vigilant.

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