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      Hey everyone,

      I wanted to share a detailed review of, a Bitcoin cloud mining platform, and discuss some concerning findings. It’s crucial for our community to be aware of potential risks in the cryptocurrency space.

      1. Overview
      – Domain and Ranking: Registered through NameCheap in 2018, set to expire in 2023. It has a global rank of 905,883, which raises some doubts about its credibility.
      – Traffic Analysis: In August 2023, it received nearly 50K visitors, mainly from the USA, UK, and other countries, which seems significant.
      – Backlink Profile: The presence of backlinks from forums like, some of which might be spam, is a concern.

      2. Website Analysis
      – Red Flags on Homepage: Claims of “free hashing power for life” and technical errors (like ‘NaN’ under “MINERS” and “DAILY PAYOUTS”) are worrisome. Plus, there’s an unclear business address and lack of regulatory information.
      – FAQ Section Concerns: Over-simplified explanations of Bitcoin and mining processes, vague descriptions of global data centers, and defensive stance against Ponzi scheme allegations.
      – Affiliate Page: The multi-level referral system and undefined earning percentages are reminiscent of MLM or pyramid schemes.
      – Payouts Page: Uniform transaction timestamps and repetitive TXIDs hint at inauthentic data.

      3. Policy Documents
      – Cookie Policy: Claims of mining Bitcoin for free and use of a generic cookie policy generator.
      – Privacy Policy & Terms: Content liability errors and jurisdictional inconsistencies.

      4. Customer Reviews (Trustpilot)
      – General Sentiment: Predominantly negative with complaints about hidden fees, non-receipt of payments, poor customer service, and technical issues.
      – Accusations of Scam: Many reviewers explicitly label as a scam, warning others against using the platform.

      5. External Review (
      – Anonymity and Location Issues: The team behind is anonymous and unverified in the UK.
      – Unrealistic Returns: Promises of over 30% monthly returns are a red flag.
      – Affiliate Program Concerns: The presence of an affiliate program incentivizing promotion could create a conflict of interest.

      Conclusion: The collective evidence points to several red flags and irregularities with While traffic and engagement suggest some level of activity, the inconsistencies in transaction data, customer complaints, and lack of transparency raise serious doubts about its legitimacy.

      Stay vigilant and invest wisely!

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