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      Attention Members:

      We want to urgently alert you about Phoenix FX Trade, a firm involved in providing or promoting financial services/products without official authorization. Engaging with this firm poses significant risks, and we strongly advise avoiding any dealings with them.

      Key Concerns:
      Unauthorised Operations: Phoenix FX Trade is not authorized by financial regulatory bodies, potentially targeting UK residents illegally.
      Risk of Scams: High likelihood of fraudulent activities. Always verify the legitimacy of firms before engagement.

      Firm Details:
      – Name: Phoenix FX Trade
      – Address: Wall St, New York, NY, 10005 USA
      – Telephone: +18148539040
      – Email:
      – Website:

      Warning Signs:
      Inconsistent Contact Information: Be wary as such firms often provide false or changing contact details.
      Risk of Misrepresentation: Details might be falsely associated with legitimate businesses.

      Implications for You:
      No Financial Protection: Dealing with Phoenix FX Trade excludes you from protections like the Financial Ombudsman Service or Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).
      Financial Risk: High chance of losing your investment if the firm collapses.

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