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      Attention all cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors! There has been a recent report concerning a fraudulent trading scheme that falsely advertises high returns on cryptocurrency investments. The scam operates under the guise of a person initially claiming to be associated with “Real Life Trading,” specifically offering a Bitcoin (BIT) trading program.

      Key Details:

      • Scammer’s Contact: | Phone: (860) 483-8151
      • Reported Location: Cincinnati, OH- 45233, USA
      • Mode of Contact: Initial communication was made through Instagram, with further instructions provided via private messages.
      • Investment Platform Used: Victims were instructed to set up accounts on Trust Wallet and Moon Alliance, followed by a transfer to a Coinbase wallet.
      • Amount Lost: The complainant reported a total loss of $24,500 with additional demands to invest more to access supposed profits.

      If you have encountered a similar scam or any of the details mentioned resonate with your experiences, please share your story. Your information can help in ongoing OSINT investigations and potentially assist others in avoiding similar scams. We can build a case against these fraudulent activities and prevent future losses.

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