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      This is a warning regarding

      Scam URL:

      A single mother of two has been scammed out of her life savings and borrowed money by this fraudulent website. The victim was lured into sending significant amounts of cryptocurrency to the following receiving address:

      Receiving Address:

      Transaction Hashes:

      • cb4d1ccbdefaa334fe17469dbb6a82b8f9eb38a4a626a0cabe986c3c541f56ee
      • 05c1fbc24a1254e67f48c4c1a8a466ce3ef5c6a8aea255369265f7d6cf91fd44
      • c74318117b966564912d19d4c4a84f04aea064e5c9a3460f659842bc4c21405b

      The total amount of money stolen, based on the three transactions, is:

      1. 2861.6903 USDT
      2. 2879 USDT
      3. 1524 USDT

      The total amount stolen is 7264.6903 USDT.

      If this website or the same scammer has scammed you, please share your story to help others avoid this fraudulent activity.

      Domain Analysis was registered on April 25, 2024, with Atak Domain Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş. as the registrar and is set to expire on April 25, 2025. The domain status is currently marked as ‘ok’. The domain’s name servers are hosted by Cloudflare, specifically and The domain’s registrant, administrative, and technical contacts are listed under the same address: 72 Chase Side, Suite 2, London, United Kingdom, N14 5PH, with the contact phone number +44.7520644531.

      The domain does not rank for significant keywords and shows minimal online presence, suggesting it is either new or not yet established in search engine rankings. The domain has a low authority score and minimal organic search traffic, with only two keywords and three backlinks recorded from sites such as,, and, all of which are nofollow links.

      This lack of online visibility, combined with the fraudulent activity reported, indicates a high likelihood that the is being used as a front for scam operations. Victims are encouraged to share their experiences to help prevent further scams. Review presents itself as a world-renowned travel agency dedicated to enhancing the travel experience. The website claims to offer comprehensive travel services, including leisure travel, business travel, and incentive travel, and encourages users to find their “Cadence” for a unique travel experience.

      The site provides various functionalities, including a login and registration portal, and detailed terms and conditions emphasizing security measures, account management protocols, and journey processing guidelines. These guidelines include strict policies on account creation, wallet address binding, and transaction processes to ensure a smooth and secure user experience.

      The platform offers customer support via live chat and WhatsApp, with business hours listed as Monday to Sunday, 11:00 to 23:00.

      Red Flags

      Several red flags suggest that is a scam. Firstly, the website’s content includes overly generic and broad claims about its services without providing verifiable credentials or detailed information about its offerings. The registration and contact details appear suspicious, with all roles—registrant, administrative, and technical—assigned to the same person and address, which is unusual for legitimate businesses.

      Moreover, the website’s terms and conditions contain convoluted and restrictive policies that seem designed to confuse users and prevent them from easily withdrawing funds or lodging complaints. The requirement for maintaining a minimum account balance and the random assignment of journey amounts, which can result in negative balances, are tactics often used by scam operations to trap users into continuously investing more money. Additionally, the lack of transparency in the journey assignment and the prohibition against changing or canceling transactions are serious red flags.

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