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      Scam URL:

      Description of Scam:

      In April 2023, a user encountered a man named Duc Hoang Tran on They matched and began communicating, eventually discussing a visit to Vietnam. Tran, claiming to reside in Hong Kong, convinced the victim to invest $10,000 into a cryptocurrency scheme called Coin Pool, promising profits for a trip to Vietnam. The victim communicated via WhatsApp, using the number +852 4402 8792, and made multiple payments totaling over $260,000 to cover supposed taxes, certification, and verification fees, only to receive nothing.

      Key Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • Fraudulent Website:
      • Scammer’s Name: Duc Hoang Tran
      • WhatsApp Number: +852 4402 8792
      • Email:
      • Coin Pool Names and IDs: The victim’s ID is not provided for privacy; Duc Hoang Tran’s Coin Pool name is DmuaGF, ID 16074.

      Location of Targeted Person: PA, USA – 19082

      If you’ve experienced a similar scam through or have been contacted by Duc Hoang Tran, please share your story. It’s crucial to bring awareness to these fraudulent activities and help prevent others from falling victim. Additionally, please contribute if you have any information that could aid in OSINT investigations regarding this scam, such as other contact details, fraudulent websites, or transaction IDs. Your input could make a significant difference in combating these criminal activities.

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