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      Amount Lost: $124.60

      A victim reported being scammed out of $124.60 through a fraudulent website connected to 0xA993797d83843e6630EBaE3f1437D84B01a27891. The scam occurred via a mobile app where the victim unknowingly interacted with a deceitful dApp (decentralized application) on the site

      Key Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • Fraudulent Website:
      • Scammer’s Ethereum Address: 0xA993797d83843e6630EBaE3f1437D84B01a27891
      • Transaction Hash: 0xbaea6a1210b73a3b8970c57073be457db372094ebb4a9742be1e385332112509

      The victim did not share their key phrase but was required to pay a fee. If you have been scammed by the same scammer or encountered similar fraudulent activities, please share your story in the comments. Your information can help in tracking down these scammers and preventing further fraud.

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