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      I want to alert the community about a concerning scam circulating on TikTok. The scam involves an individual who identifies as a recruiter for a supposedly lucrative opportunity involving art commissions.

      The scammer, operating under the TikTok profile “coreydixonworkofart2,” approaches users with an offer to use their TikTok profile for creating art. The scheme proposes that clients will send money directly to your bank account for these art commissions.

      The enticing hook of this scam is the promise that you can keep $500 from every $3,500 received. This is a significant red flag, as it suggests easy money for minimal effort – a common trait in many fraudulent schemes.

      This setup bears all the hallmarks of a money mule scam. It involves using unsuspecting individuals to handle and transfer illegally obtained funds. The use of art commissions seems to be a mere front to give a semblance of legitimacy to the money transfer.

      Participating in this scheme could unknowingly involve you in criminal activities, specifically money laundering. It can lead to serious legal issues, with the potential of your bank account being flagged for suspicious activity.

      If you come across this profile or a similar proposal, I urge you not to engage. I have already reported this to the appropriate authorities, including TikTok, to take action against this misuse of their platform.

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