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      Scam Name: Channel V Media
      Scam Website URL:
      Cryptocurrency Involved: Bitcoin

      We have received reports of a scam involving the website Victims have reported losing significant amounts of money. Here are the details of one such case:

      • Transaction Hashes:
      • 35b0822fdcd38657af2dd90cf97e87c660c192b46254ad8b1d8bdd5056702795
      • 271247458389648e50a8bcb32b1c0aa3aedb0064ec3a8c92428a097ee9a3a937
      • cae51c86c5f0e91e9d995925e8dcbe2dc0f3fca47de7821d1f7f516d1a7e0892
      • Receiving Address: 1EatvVdusJRxjX2XTNaWMsgjZgGpZUWnR

      Victim Testimony: “I was fooled by this fake company impersonating Channel V Media, claiming they would pay me for remote work. Desperate for money, I used up all my savings, believing I would get paid if I deposited money into my account to appear as a real person to the merchant I was selling products to, using their AI technology for the job. Now, I am left with nothing and no job.”

      Action Taken:

      • Report the scam to local law enforcement and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
      • Cease all communication with the scammer.
      • Do not send any more money or personal information to them.
      • Secure your accounts by changing passwords and enabling two-factor authentication.

      If you have been scammed by, please share your story and any additional information you have. The more details we gather, the better we can assist in tracking these fraudsters and warning others.

      Stay vigilant and protect your assets.

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