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      Hey Everyone,

      I came across an in-depth Review of XPertTrader by ChartNexus and thought it’d be interesting to discuss it here. There are scam allegations against a platform with a similar name, so let’s try to untangle this web.

      There have been complaints about a cryptocurrency investment scam involving a company named ‘XPertTrader.’ Victims were asked to deposit more money to withdraw their profits, which is a classic red flag.

      XPertTrader, offered by ChartNexus, seems to be a legitimate trading tool. It’s designed for analyzing and trading in financial markets, particularly stocks. Here’s a snapshot of what they offer:
      – Advanced trading and market analysis tools.
      – Access to up to 15 years of historical market data.
      – Stock screening rules and support materials.
      – Operates on a subscription model.

      Website Analysis: 
      – Registered since 2004, hosted by Alibaba, and protected by Cloudflare.
      – Significant web traffic, mainly from Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.
      – SEMrush Authority score of 32%.
      – Focuses on stocks, forex, and cryptocurrencies.
      – Offers a mentorship program and market alerts.
      – Emphasizes education with comprehensive corporate solutions.

      Company Behind ChartNexus
      – Aims to simplify stock charting and technical analysis.
      – Provides ChartNexus software for free to the global investment community.
      – Emphasizes values like honesty and integrity.

      Red Flags:
      – Lack of detailed contact information.
      – No explicit regulatory or company registration info.

      Confusion with Another ‘XPertTrader’
      There’s another entity,, run by Chris Pay, which is controversial and under suspicion. This might be the actual target of the scam allegations, not ChartNexus’s XPertTrader.

      Online forums like Trade2Win discuss, warning against its too-good-to-be-true promises. There’s advice to be cautious and avoid potential scams.

      – XPertTrader by ChartNexus seems legit but could improve transparency.
      – (Chris Pay’s service) is controversial and likely a different entity.
      – Always research thoroughly and approach with caution.

      What do you guys think? Has anyone here had any experience with either of these XPertTrader platforms? Let’s dissect and understand these platforms better.


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