Zealprimetrade Review: A Scam Exposed in Detail

Welcome to our Zealprimetrade review, in which we investigate the website at zealprimetrade.com.

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ZealPrimeTrade.com, a domain hosted by Hostinger International and registered through HOSTINGER, UAB, on December 27, 2022, with an expiration date of December 27, 2024, raises significant concerns regarding its legitimacy. The website’s registration details, shielded by Privacy Protect, LLC, obscure the identity of its operators, making it difficult to trace accountability. Despite being hosted on an IP address located in Phoenix, United States, the site’s registered country is the United Arab Emirates, adding layers of complexity to its operational base.

Analysis of its digital footprint reveals a lack of substantial online presence, as indicated by a Semrush Domain Rank of 0 and an Authority Score of 2. The site’s engagement metrics are equally troubling, with no organic search traffic, paid search traffic, or significant backlink activities. The few backlinks identified are nofollow links from directory listings, suggesting minimal endorsements from reputable sources. Moreover, the absence of detailed traffic analytics and keyword rankings underscores the website’s lack of visibility and engagement in the digital landscape.

Such characteristics are hallmark indicators of potential fraudulent activities, especially when considering the website’s premise of guaranteed cryptocurrency investment returns. The lack of transparency, coupled with the domain’s obscure operational details, underscores the need for caution among potential investors. The invitation for individuals scammed by ZealPrimeTrade.com to share their experiences aims to uncover more about the operation and possibly aid in broader OSINT investigations to prevent further victimization.

ZealPrimeTrade.com Review

Zealprimetrade.com presents itself as a comprehensive cryptocurrency and forex investment platform, promising users significant returns on investments through CFD trading on various assets, including forex, gold, indices, and US shares.

The website claims to operate under Zealprimetrade Ltd, and its contact information suggests operations in Georgia Town, KY, and San Francisco, CA.

It emphasizes its commitment to user education and satisfaction, highlighting a strong online affiliate program designed to attract new clients through existing ones.

The platform boasts a hassle-free account creation process, various payment methods, including cryptocurrencies and traditional banking, and a detailed FAQ section addressing potential user concerns.

Red Flags

However, several red flags raise questions about Zealprimetrade.com’s legitimacy.

First, the website’s domain information shows it is hosted by Hostinger International with a registrant contact name of Domain Admin at Privacy Protect, LLC, suggesting efforts to mask the site’s true ownership. Using generic nameservers and the registrant’s choice to use a privacy service further obscure ownership details.

Moreover, the site’s content, including testimonials and investment success stories, cannot be independently verified. The promises of high returns with minimal risk, coupled with the platform’s emphasis on recruiting new members through an affiliate program, bear the hallmarks of a potential Ponzi scheme. The requirement for new investments to unlock withdrawals is a common tactic in fraudulent schemes.

The insistence on non-refundable contracts, the inability to provide a wallet service, and vague answers to critical questions about the security and performance of investments compound the suspicions.

Despite claiming to be a UK-registered company, no clear regulatory information or license number is provided to verify this status.

Additionally, the affiliate program’s promise of high referral rewards without clear details on the company’s operational or financial health is concerning.

In conclusion, while Zealprimetrade.com attempts to position itself as a legitimate investment opportunity, its lack of transparency about its ownership, unrealistic returns promises, and emphasis on recruiting new members through affiliates strongly suggest it is a scam.

ZealPrimeTrade Reviews

Zealprimetrade.com has been flagged by ScamWatcher and ScamPulse as an unregulated investment scam, with victims and potential victims reporting losses and suspicious activity.

A particular victim from Anaheim, CA, reported losing $85,000 after being lured into the scam via Instagram, with promises of profit returns requiring an upfront 20% commission payment. This pattern of being promised profits after paying fees, only to be asked for more money, repeated several times.

The scam involved impersonation of HSBC bank, with fake emails and websites being used to legitimize the scam. Despite payments, the promised profits were never delivered, and the victim faced threats of legal action, supposedly backed by the scammer’s connections in law enforcement and legal professions.

The scam operates under the guise of a cryptocurrency and forex investment platform, with Zealprimetrade.com’s website filled with false promises and unverifiable testimonials to build false confidence.

Using a website registered under a privacy protection service alongside unregulated operations raises significant concerns about its legitimacy.

The victim’s experience highlights the scam’s pattern: enticing individuals with guaranteed profits, creating a cycle of fee payments without any returns, and using threats against those who question the process.

The detailed account of losing over $85,000 to this scam, along with the scammer’s confidence in evading justice, underscores the need for caution and thorough investigation before engaging with investment platforms, especially those promoted via social media.

BBB Complaint About zealprimetrade.com

On February 15, 2024, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding a cryptocurrency scam at zealprimetrade.com by a person who reported being scammed for $86,000:

I first encountered them on Instagram around late November or December 2022. They promised that profits were 100% guaranteed. The first question I asked was if there were any fees besides the commission fees, which were based on a certain percentage of my profits. Ted Louis assured me that there wouldn’t be any additional fees. However, this turned out to be untrue. He continuously demanded payment for alleged fees that appeared out of nowhere, each time claiming it would be the last. I eventually ceased communication with him for nearly a week. He then reached out again, insisting that this time I would definitely receive my profits without any further complications. Yet, it was another lie. He requested an additional $700. My total loss amounted to around 85 to 86,000 USD, which he instructed me to send via cryptocurrency through various apps. He even went as far as creating a fake HSBC site and sending me a counterfeit HSBC credit card, both of which were confirmed by HSBC as fraudulent. The site has been taken down, but the link I provided here was where my initial transaction started after I had contacted him via Instagram. To this day, I have not received my profits, and he has even threatened to involve the FBI and lawyers, claiming his brothers work in those fields. This ordeal has nearly emptied my bank account. As a nurse with health issues who works extensively, this loss has been emotionally and mentally taxing. I cannot comprehend why this individual can still operate his websites and is attempting to create a new account on Instagram. He falsely claimed that his website is regulated, but once mockingly asked me on Instagram who regulates binary trading, revealing his websites’ false advertising designed to mislead people into investing their money in scams. He shows no remorse and places the blame on me. I earnestly hope that his sites are shut down and that he no longer maintains a presence on social media. He claims to live in NYC, yet I couldn’t find any insurance agent licensed under his name in that state, suggesting he prefers to conduct his business from the UK. He is an absolutely terrible person who lies and scams shamelessly. It’s crucial to end this and hold him accountable for scamming me and many others. He seems to believe he is above consequences and can escape accountability. Thank you! Here is his new Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/tedlouiss


In light of the detailed account provided, the situation surrounding Zealprimetrade.com and the associated interactions with Ted Louis presents a stark narrative filled with red flags typical of fraudulent schemes. The pattern of promising guaranteed profits, requiring payments of unexpected fees under the guise of various pretexts, and the use of counterfeit banking websites and materials are hallmarks of a sophisticated scam operation. The emotional and financial toll on victims, particularly those vulnerable due to personal circumstances, underscores the malicious intent and impact of such scams.

The manipulation tactics employed, including the assurance of non-existent regulatory oversight and the threat of legal action to silence or intimidate, further betray a lack of legitimacy and ethical practice. These methods not only exploit the trust of individuals but also attempt to cloak the operation in a veneer of credibility that does not withstand scrutiny.

The persistence of such individuals and platforms, even in the face of exposure and the loss they cause to others, highlights a glaring issue within the digital and financial landscape. It calls for a more vigilant and informed approach from users and a more robust and proactive regulatory and enforcement response to identify, expose, and shut down fraudulent schemes.

Bottom Line

While the allure of quick profits can be compelling, the experiences shared in this review serve as a cautionary tale. They remind us of the importance of due diligence, the need to critically assess the legitimacy of investment opportunities, and the reality that guarantees of profit in the world of trading and investment are often illusory, especially when cloaked in secrecy and pressed with urgency. The case of Zealprimetrade.com leaves little doubt of its nature as a scam, highlighting the crucial need for awareness and education to prevent further victimization.

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