G-linkPro Review – Is GoldLinkus.com a SCAM?

Welcome to our G-linkPro review, in which we investigate the website at goldlinkus.com.

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Overview of Goldlinkus.com

The website goldlinkus.com presents itself as a hub for cryptocurrency activities but has drawn considerable attention due to allegations of scam operations. The domain was registered with NameSilo, LLC, on October 23, 2023, and is set to expire on the same date in 2024. The updates made on October 25, 2023, suggest early operational adjustments post-registration. Despite PrivacyGuardian.org llc being listed as the registrant organization, the veil of privacy services clouds the true ownership.

Cloudflare, a well-known entity in the web security and services sphere, provides hosting services. G-linkPro leverages its infrastructure under the Autonomous System Number (ASN) 13335. Cloudflare’s services, particularly its nameservers austin.ns.cloudflare.com and ursula.ns.cloudflare.com, offer the site enhanced performance and protection from direct attacks.

According to Similarweb’s estimated data, goldlinkus.com has had a notable presence in terms of web traffic, achieving a global rank of #58,529 and a country rank of #23 in Haiti. Despite this, the website has experienced a significant decrease in traffic, with a 45.46% drop from the previous month. The site’s engagement metrics reveal a low bounce rate of 8.38% and an average visit duration of nearly 7 minutes, suggesting a high level of visitor engagement.

Nonetheless, caution is warranted due to recent reports of fraudulent activity linked to the site, involving considerable financial losses. Victims from regions such as PA, USA, and AB, Canada, have reported being scammed, with one individual suffering a loss of $15,000 after being enticed by false promises of profits and coerced into paying additional sums for supposed account upgrades and taxes.

Goldlinkus.com Review

Goldlinkus.com appears to be positioned as a multifaceted platform for cryptocurrency exchange, offering services ranging from market trading to futures and financial services.

The site is hosted by Cloudflare and claims to offer secure, reliable, and fast services for buying, selling, trading, and earning cryptocurrency.

Their purported commitment to security is emphasized by statements of financial-grade security systems and insurance measures for investors’ assets, which reference associations with entities like the EDGX stock exchange under NASDAQ and CBOE and SIPC insurance.

Red Flags

Despite these claims, the site presents several red flags. The privacy policy and user agreement make reference to another entity, SolLuna, which complicates the understanding of the service’s ownership and operational base. This is concerning as clarity, and transparency is crucial in the financial service industry, particularly within the cryptocurrency domain, where scams are prevalent. The user agreement and privacy policy, last revised in March and April 2022, respectively, lay out terms of service and data collection practices, yet they do not dispel concerns regarding legitimacy. The domain itself was registered only months before these policies were supposedly updated, suggesting a lack of longstanding operational history.

Moreover, the user reviews presented on external platforms such as the Apple App Store offer mixed messages; some praise the app’s features, while at least one flags it as fraudulent software. The registration details from the domain registrar point to the use of privacy protection services to mask the identity of the domain owners, which is common in legitimate domains but also a tactic frequently employed by scam operations.

The content on the website itself appears to be a mixture of generic crypto exchange promises combined with regulatory and insurance information typically associated with legitimate exchanges. However, these claims are not verifiable through external sources or regulatory bodies, and the lack of detailed company information, such as a physical address or direct contact email, adds to the ambiguity. The use of a public-facing mobile number (+1 786 352-1088) and the reference to an address associated with PrivacyGuardian.org on the privacy policy page provide little assurance due to the absence of specific names or direct lines of accountability.

G-linkPro Reviews

Goldlinkus.com also referred to as G-linkPro, is presented as a cryptocurrency exchange offering a variety of services, including market trading, futures, and financial services. Multiple reviews and reports from various online sources raise serious concerns about its legitimacy. Trustpilot reviews give goldlinkus.com a low TrustScore of 2.5 out of 5, with many users reporting it as a scam. They detail experiences of being attracted by seemingly profitable investments, only to find that withdrawals are impossible without additional payments, which is a common tactic used by fraudulent platforms.

Scamadviser, a site that rates websites’ trustworthiness, cautions against dealing with h5.goldlinkus.com and goldlinkus.com, noting inconsistencies that could point towards a scam operation. Scamwatcher, another online scam reporting site, has user reports of fake cryptocurrency platforms associated with the site, further casting doubt on the site’s credibility.

On Reddit, users have questioned the safety of goldlinkus.com, noting that transactions are oddly restricted to the platform in question, which deviates from the norm of how legitimate crypto exchanges operate. The site’s contact details are scarce, with the only lead being a mobile number (+1 786 352-1088) provided in one of the user complaints.

The use of Cloudflare for hosting services could be seen as an attempt to ensure security and enhance performance; however, in the absence of verifiable regulatory or company information, it is not enough to establish credibility. The claims of associations with established financial institutions and insurance, such as SIPC, cannot be confirmed and are likely misleading.

In summary, goldlinkus.com exhibits multiple red flags commonly associated with fraudulent operations, including unverifiable regulatory claims, complaints of impossible withdrawals, and a lack of transparency regarding ownership and operation.

BBB Complaint About goldlinkus.com

On February 15, 2024, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding a cryptocurrency scam at goldlinkus.com by a person who reported being scammed for $15,000:

They pretend to have a crypto site, which is all fake, and as soon as you send money, they ignore you.

G-linkPro Review Conclusion

Concluding a review that delves into the murky waters of a suspected scam is always a somber task. The allegations and reports against goldlinkus.com paint a grim picture of what appears to be a sophisticated facade of a cryptocurrency platform.

The stories shared by those who claim to have been victimized by G-linkPro often contain a common thread of deceit—a promise of profit that never materializes and communication that goes dark once funds are transferred. This pattern aligns disturbingly well with the modus operandi of online scams.

The absence of verifiable information and the use of a known mobile number for contact raises significant questions about the operation’s legitimacy. A legitimate business in the financial sector thrives on its reputation and transparency, elements starkly missing from goldlinkus.com.

The discrepancies between what is promised and what is delivered, the lack of a credible digital footprint, and the testimonies of significant financial losses all point toward the conclusion that this is not a safe harbor for investors’ hopes and digital currency. Instead, it has all the hallmarks of a scam: designed to attract, reassure, and ultimately, deceive.

The Bottom Line Regarding G-linkPro

While we must tread carefully when categorically branding any platform as a scam without unequivocal proof, the collected data and user experiences suggest that individuals should exercise extreme caution and conduct thorough due diligence before engaging with goldlinkus.com or any similar entity.

In the rapidly evolving and often Wild West-like domain of cryptocurrency, the principle of ‘caveat emptor’ (let the buyer beware) is not just advice; it is a necessary mantra for self-preservation in the digital age.

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