Bluecex Review: Scam or Secure Trading?

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Registered through Hosting Concepts B.V. d/b/a on September 20, 2023, and with its registration set to expire on the same date in 2024,’s domain information reveals a relatively new entry into the online space. The domain was last updated on October 5, 2023, and is protected against client transfers, suggesting a standard security measure for domain ownership.

The website is hosted by Cloudflare, a leading internet performance and security company, utilizing an IP address ( in the United States. This hosting detail is particularly notable for its site speed, security, and reliability implications. Cloudflare’s involvement indicates global network support, enhancing the website’s performance and protection against DDoS attacks. The nameservers, and, further confirm Cloudflare’s infrastructure support.

From an audience engagement perspective, holds a global rank of #555,257 as of February 2024, with a notable rank of #7,930 in Malaysia, according to Similarweb data. The site experienced a significant traffic increase of 310.6% compared to the previous month, amassing a total of 47.1K visits with an average of 9.95 pages per visit and an average visit duration of 00:02:45. These metrics suggest a growing interest and engagement level with the site’s content, albeit within a specific geographical focus, namely Germany, which has been identified as the top country sending desktop traffic to the site. Review presents itself as a comprehensive digital asset exchange, boasting many services, including buying, selling, staking, and listing cryptocurrencies. The platform emphasizes ease of use, security, and low trading fees as its main selling points. It offers an expansive selection of trading pairs and claims to cater to over 2 million users across more than 150 countries. The website details various functionalities, such as a custodial wallet with built-in crypto on-ramp capabilities, allowing users to manage cryptocurrencies similarly to fiat currencies.

The exchange purports a user-friendly verification policy, ensuring that traders can make unlimited deposits and withdrawals. The platform’s 24/7 support system is a standout feature, promising a responsive service to user inquiries and issues. Bluecex also highlights its advanced security measures, including a hybrid hot/cold wallet system, multi-signature technologies, and a claim of 100% security for trading and digital asset management.

Regarding fees, Bluecex outlines a structured trading fee schedule based on trade volume alongside specific transaction fees for withdrawals. The withdrawal fees are intended to cover the transaction costs of moving cryptocurrency out of users’ accounts, with rates subject to change based on blockchain network conditions.

The website lists several partnerships with payment providers like Paybis, Mercuryo, and Banxa, indicating its effort to streamline buying and selling crypto through various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and bank transfers.

Contact and Company Details

Bluecex identifies itself as Bluecex Financial Company, asserting to be Australia’s largest fully regulated and licensed exchange, compliant with AML/CTF regulations and registered with AUSTRAC. However, the website does not provide a physical address or specific contact details beyond general support avenues such as an email ( and mentions a Data Protection Officer reachable via It also allows projects to contact them through personal Telegram or WhatsApp for listing inquiries, yet does not provide direct links or numbers for these services.

Red Flags and Concerns

  1. Lack of Detailed Contact Information: The absence of a physical address, direct phone numbers, and specific team members’ names could be seen as a lack of transparency, which is often a red flag when assessing the legitimacy of a cryptocurrency exchange.
  2. Generic Support and Regulatory Claims: While claiming compliance with AML/CTF and registration with AUSTRAC, Bluecex does not provide registration numbers or direct links to verify these claims. This lack of verifiable regulatory information raises concerns about the authenticity of its operational status.
  3. Promises of Security Without Proof: The website claims to have “100% secure” trading and digital asset management, supported by advanced risk control systems. However, there is no evidence provided to back up these security claims, such as third-party audits or specific details on the technological measures employed.
  4. Variable Withdrawal Fees Based on Network Conditions: While not uncommon in the cryptocurrency space, the mention that withdrawal fees can fluctuate without notice due to network congestion without specific details can be worrisome for users who seek transparency and predictability in fee structures.
  5. Partnership and Payment Method Listings Without Direct Integration Proof: The site lists various partnerships with payment platforms but does not offer in-depth details on how these integrations work or provide user testimonials confirming the smooth operation of these services.

The lack of detailed contact information and verifiable regulatory compliance details are significant concerns that warrant careful consideration.

Bluecex Reviews

Several independent reviews and user testimonials consistently warn against using Bluecex, citing deceptive practices designed to lure users into making investments or divulging personal information under false pretenses.

Key points of concern include instances where users are enticed by promises of easy profits or winnings, only to find themselves unable to access their funds without paying additional, unforeseen fees. Amin Ghaderi’s experience highlights a particularly troubling scam tactic involving a faked celebrity endorsement and a convoluted process that ultimately locks the user’s funds behind demands for more money under various pretexts, such as verification fees or taxes on winnings. Despite attempts to comply with these demands, users like Ghaderi report that their funds remain inaccessible, and the promises of easy profits are illusory.

Furthermore, Bluecex’s lack of transparency regarding its ownership, the use of duplicate content across its website, and a very low trust score further contribute to the perception that it is not a trustworthy platform. The absence of a mobile app, although not a direct indicator of a scam, limits user accessibility and transparency.

Online scam reviews underscore the importance of due diligence and skepticism when engaging with investment platforms, especially within the volatile and often opaque cryptocurrency market. They serve as a vital resource for identifying potentially fraudulent schemes and emphasize the necessity of thorough research, including checking domain registration details, seeking out user reviews, and assessing a website’s overall professionalism and transparency.

Given these red flags and the consistent pattern of complaints, potential investors should exercise extreme caution with and consider alternative, more reputable platforms for their cryptocurrency trading and investment needs.

BBB Review

On January 18, 2024, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) by a person who reported being scammed for $20,000 by a cryptocurrency scam at

I had .4 Bitcoin, and they kept telling me I couldn’t withdraw without paying from another account.

Bluecex Review Conclusion

In online trading and investments, particularly within the volatile and often murky waters of cryptocurrency exchanges, the emergence of platforms like demands rigorous scrutiny. The detailed review of Bluecex, encompassing its registration, hosting, operational claims, and user experiences, paints a complex picture of a platform that, while seemingly robust in services and features, is shrouded in a veil of red flags and warnings that cannot be ignored.

The lack of transparency regarding the company’s ownership, combined with generic support responses and unverified security promises, casts a shadow over the legitimacy and safety of engaging with Bluecex. Furthermore, the reliance on fluctuating withdrawal fees and the absence of concrete proof of partnership integrations raises questions about the platform’s operational integrity and its user benefits.

What is most telling, however, are the firsthand accounts of individuals like Amin Ghaderi, whose experiences suggest a pattern of manipulative practices designed to entrap users in a cycle of fees and unattainable withdrawals. These accounts, coupled with the platform’s low trust scores and identical content spread across multiple sites, signal a high risk of fraudulent activity.

Bottom Line

While positions itself as a conduit for lucrative cryptocurrency trading and investment, the evidence suggests a cautionary tale. While offering genuine opportunities for growth and profit, the cryptocurrency market is fertile ground for unscrupulous entities preying on the uninformed and optimistic. This review does not summarily label as a definitive scam but urges potential users to approach with a high degree of caution, armed with the knowledge that not all that glitters in the digital currency space are gold.

Investing in cryptocurrency, or any form of online trading, requires not just an understanding of the market dynamics but also a vigilant assessment of the platforms one chooses to engage with. The case of underscores the importance of community-driven scrutiny and the sharing of experiences to safeguard against the pitfalls of digital investment scams. As we navigate these digital frontiers, let our collective vigilance and informed decisions pave the way for safer and more transparent online trading environments.

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21 thoughts on “Bluecex Review: Scam or Secure Trading?”

  1. Hileni Ndeshaanya

    I received 1.34556BTC couple of times asking me to withdraw using bluecex. I was almost to believe is real, but luckily I came across this to today. I was planning to deposit next week 50$ as instructed it is a minimum required amount. Thank you and the entire team you saved my pocket and my future wallets. I can’t wait to hear more about betching bet game that I am playing and winning $, but requires crypto withdrawal (bitcoin).

    1. Hello Hileni,

      Thank you for sharing your experience, and we are thrilled to hear that our resources at helped you avoid a potential scam! It’s always best to be cautious and seek out additional information before proceeding with any transactions that require you to deposit money, especially when promised returns seem unusually favorable.

      Regarding the “betching bet game” you mentioned, please continue to be vigilant. If the game requires crypto withdrawals or deposits, it’s essential to thoroughly research the platform and ensure it is legitimate before committing any funds. Keep an eye out for red flags like high minimum deposits, promises of guaranteed returns, or any pressure to act quickly.

      We appreciate your vigilance and are glad you avoided a financial loss. If you have any more information about this game or other suspicious activities, please continue to share with us. Your insights are invaluable to our community.

      Stay safe, and keep questioning!

      Best regards,
      The Team

  2. é golpe pede um valor para fazer os saque para nossa conta e temos que pagar de outra conta onde já se viu isso mandei um print vamos derrubar esses golpistas

    Translation: is a scam, it asks for an amount to make withdrawals to our account and we have to pay from another account where we have already seen this, I sent a screenshot, let’s take down these scammers.

    1. Hello Adelson,

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Requesting additional payments to process withdrawals is a common red flag associated with online scams. Typically, legitimate trading platforms do not require you to pay extra fees from an external account to withdraw your own funds.

      We appreciate you sharing the screenshot and details. We’ll investigate further and include this information in our ongoing review of Your vigilance helps protect the community from potential scams. Please continue to report any suspicious activities or experiences.

      Stay safe,

  3. ศิรินารถ คงยาดี

    Same same same I’m gotten email . วันที่ดี ฉันยังได้รับอีเมลพร้อมหมายเลขอ้างอิงจากบริษัท Bluecex ว่าฉันมียอดคงเหลือของ bitcoins ในบัญชีของฉัน เมื่อฉันลงทะเบียน ฉันพบว่าฉันมียอดคงเหลือ 1.34260000 BTC แต่เงื่อนไขอยู่หลังจากการระบุตัวตนครั้งแรก ค่าธรรมเนียมการตรวจสอบ จำนวนเงินฝากขั้นต่ำ: 0.000714 BTC หลังจากการถอนวงเงินที่สอง
    2.00000000 BTC หลอกลวง! หลอกลวง! หลอกลวง!

    Translation: “Good day, I too have received an email with a reference number from the Bluecex company, informing me that I have a balance of bitcoins in my account. Upon registering, I discovered a balance of 1.3426 BTC. However, I was informed that to access my funds, I must first pay an ‘Inspection Fee’ following my initial identification. The minimum deposit required for this fee is 0.000714 BTC. Additionally, they’ve set a second withdrawal limit at 2 BTC. This is undoubtedly a scam! They are trying to defraud users!”

    1. Hello ศิรินารถ,

      Thank you for sharing your experience, and we’re sorry to hear about the email you received. The request for an “Inspection Fee” is a common tactic used by fraudulent sites to deceive users. Legitimate companies do not require fees to access your own funds after initial identification. We advise against making any payments or providing further personal information. Please stay vigilant and report this activity to the appropriate cyber fraud authorities in your region.

      Best regards,
      Adam from

  4. Thank you for the warning. I have the same. I received an email saying I have 1.3426 BTC. The platform looks very professional but they also asked me to make a minimum deposit for verification. Fortunately, I read these reviews and did not pay.

    1. Jan,

      We’re relieved to hear that you avoided falling victim to this scam, and your caution is commendable. It’s a stark reminder that regardless of how professional a platform may appear, we must remain skeptical of unsolicited claims, especially those that require a deposit for verification. Your experience serves as a valuable alert that could help prevent others from being scammed.

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us. If anyone else has encountered similar scenarios or has additional information about such fraudulent activities, please share your stories. Together, we can build a more secure and informed community.

      Stay safe,

  5. falso..!..te envian un correo..q no se d donde sacan esa informacion..y te dicen q tenes 1.34BTC en la cartera d fondos..:!… ingresar a la pagina te piden 50us$,,para verificar….y dicen q puedes retirar,,,,,,mentira!….cuidado es estafa,,,,

    [Translation: False! They send you an email—I don’t know where they get that information from—and they tell you that you have 1.34 BTC in your fund portfolio. When you enter the page, they ask for $50 to verify, and they say you can withdraw. It’s a lie! Be careful; it’s a scam.]

    1. Thank you, Carlos, for alerting us to this scam. We appreciate your vigilance and encourage everyone to always verify the legitimacy of such claims before taking any action.

  6. Peter Fleischer

    Good day, I received an email with a reference number from the Bluecex company that I have a balance of bitcoins on my account, when I registered I found out that I have a balance of 1.34260000 BTC, but the conditions are after the first Identity Verification fee Minimal deposit amount: 0.000714 BTC after the second Withdraw Limit
    2.00000000 BTC to me is a fraud

    1. Peter,

      Thank you for sharing your experience, and we’re sorry to hear about the situation you’ve encountered. Based on the details you’ve provided, your suspicions seem well-founded, and this does raise several red flags typically associated with online scams, particularly in the cryptocurrency domain.

      Firstly, the practice of requiring payment for identity verification or to unlock a withdrawal limit is not a standard procedure for reputable cryptocurrency exchanges. Legitimate platforms may require identity verification to comply with regulatory requirements (such as KYC—Know Your Customer and AML—Anti Money Laundering regulations), but they do not require payment to complete these verifications.

      The reference to a “minimal deposit amount” to access your balance is a common tactic used by fraudulent schemes to solicit additional funds from victims, often with the promise of releasing larger sums that do not actually exist. Similarly, setting a withdrawal limit that requires additional deposits to unlock is a strategy aimed at perpetuating the scam.

      Considering these factors, we advise extreme caution. It’s important not to send any more funds or personal information to the platform.

      Thank you for bringing this to the attention of our community. By sharing your experience, you help others become more aware of these scams and encourage a safer online environment for everyone involved in cryptocurrency trading and investment.

      Stay vigilant and informed, and if you need further assistance or have more information to share, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

    2. Good day, I also received an email with a reference number from the Bluecex company that I have a balance of bitcoins on my account, when I registered I found out that I have a balance of 1.34260000 BTC, but the conditions are after the first Identity Verification fee Minimal deposit amount: 0.000714 BTC after the second Withdraw Limit
      2.00000000 BTC. Scam! Scam! Scam!

      1. Abigail,

        It’s disheartening to hear that you’ve received a similar suspicious email from Bluecex, and your immediate labeling of it as a scam is a cautious move. The tactic of claiming a large balance in your account contingent on fees or additional deposits is indeed a hallmark of fraudulent operations.

        If your purported losses or the amounts you’re being asked to deposit exceed $5000, or if you have already transferred such amounts, we strongly encourage you to seek professional assistance. CNC Intelligence specializes in assisting law firms and law enforcement in cases of asset and fund recovery, particularly concerning cryptocurrency scams.

        You can schedule a free consultation at to explore your options with their team of cryptocurrency forensic specialists. Their expertise could provide crucial support in understanding your situation better and determining the next steps you can take.

        Remember to safeguard all communication and transaction records, as they could be vital for any investigation. Stay vigilant, and don’t hesitate to seek out the necessary resources to support you through this.

    1. YK,

      Thank you for your comment and for sharing your observations regarding Bluecex. Your experience aligns with several warning signs of potential online scams, especially in the cryptocurrency space. Requiring deposits to withdraw funds from a wallet is a common tactic used by fraudulent platforms to coerce users into sending more money, often with no intention of allowing them to actually withdraw their funds or profits.

      Did they end up scamming you after asking for a deposit to withdraw from your funding wallet?

      1. Hola yo también recibí los correo para registrarme con un Bonificaciones de 1.3 bitcoin, al intentar retirar me pidió 50 de deposito para la verificación. Lo cual deposite solo 2 usdt en ltc. Quería retirar en usdt me apareció 100 mínimos para retiro. Así que si ya deposito proba retirar con usdt. Yo no lo probé por que no pague la verificación, la persona que ya deposito probalo con usdt

        Translation: Hello, I also received the email to register with a Bonus of 1.3 bitcoin, when trying to withdraw it asked me for a 50 deposit for verification. Which deposited only 2 usdt in ltc. I wanted to withdraw in USDT, 100 minimum for withdrawal appeared. So if I already deposited, try withdrawing with USDT. I didn’t try it because I didn’t pay for verification, the person who already deposited tried it with USDT

        1. Hello Nelson,

          Thank you for sharing your experience. What you describe sounds like a common scam technique known as a “bonus scam.” In these cases, scammers lure victims with the promise of large bonuses (like the 1.3 bitcoin you mentioned) but set complicated conditions for withdrawing them, such as making additional deposits or paying “verification” fees.

          It’s important not to make any more deposits on the platform, as this could lead to further losses. The requirements for minimum deposits and fees to withdraw funds are red flags that it might be a fraud. I advise you to stop interacting with that site and not to send any more money.

          If you believe you’ve been scammed, I recommend reporting it to local authorities and seeking legal advice to explore your fund recovery options. On our website, we offer resources and contacts that might assist you in these processes.

          Be wary of promises of easy money and always thoroughly investigate any platform before investing your money.

          Best regards,

  7. me,myself and I

    One way i found that its a scam site is that it doesn’t have a legitimate app. It looks cute and legit BUT IT’S A SCAM SITE! Period!! So BEWARE!

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