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Welcome to our International Financial Claims and Compensation Authority review, in which we investigate the website at ifcca.org.

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Ifcca.org, posing as the International Financial Claims and Compensation Authority (IFCCA), is a scam site recently updated to deceive individuals seeking financial claims and compensation services.

Registered on November 3, 2023, through OwnRegistrar, Inc., the domain is hosted by Cloudflare, Inc. with the IP address, based in Toronto, Canada.

The fraudulent organization lists its address as 40 Bank Street, London, UK, and provides the contact number +44 3300013066 and the email info@ifcca.org. However, this firm cannot offer financial services and may target unsuspecting individuals in the UK and beyond.

Notably, the site saw a traffic decrease of 36.81% in the last month, with the majority of visitors from the United Kingdom, Turkey, and Canada. The site’s bounce rate is relatively low at 20%, indicating that visitors spend a significant amount of time on the site, with an average visit duration of over five minutes.

If you have encountered this scam, please share your experience to help others avoid falling victim.

Ifcca.org Review

The website ifcca.org, claiming to represent the International Financial Claims and Compensation Authority (IFCCA), appears to offer financial claims and compensation services.

The site emphasizes its role in protecting clients whose financial institutions have failed, promising swift and free compensation processes. It lists various services, including claims for insurance, mortgages, pensions, payment protection insurance (PPI), investments, and debt management, purporting to safeguard customers’ funds held in banks, building societies, or credit unions.

The site provides several contact details, including an address at 40 Bank Street, London, United Kingdom, E14 5NR, a telephone number (+44 3300 013 066), and an email (info@ifcca.org).

It asserts that the IFCCA operates independently of the government and financial services industry, funded by levies from authorized financial services firms.

Additionally, it claims to have compensated customers with significant amounts, such as £403 million to 67,908 customers in 2022/23 and mentions recoveries of over £310 million since 2015/16 to offset these levies.

IFCCA’s website presents itself as a reliable government-like institution with information on its mission, strategy, governance, and claims process. It encourages users to assess their financial stability and submit claims through an online platform, with guarantees of retaining 100% of the owed compensation.

The site also includes a company registration number (15274505) and a Company House registration link, lending an air of legitimacy.

However, several red flags suggest that IFCCA.org is a scam.

Red Flags

Firstly, despite claiming establishment under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, recognized regulatory bodies like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) have not verified its legitimacy.

The company was incorporated only on November 10, 2023, raising questions about its claimed extensive operational history.

The registrant information provided by WhoisSecure lists a generic address in California, USA, which does not match the London address provided on the site.

Moreover, the website’s metrics show suspiciously low traffic and engagement, with a 36.81% decrease in visits last month, signaling limited genuine user interaction. The site ranks extremely low globally and in the UK, further undermining its credibility. Additionally, the claims of high compensation payouts and recoveries lack verifiable proof and appear exaggerated.

Overall, the inconsistencies in the contact information, the recent establishment date, the lack of authoritative recognition, and dubious traffic metrics collectively indicate that IFCCA.org is likely a fraudulent operation.

International Financial Claims and Compensation Authority (IFCCA) Reviews

Various sources flagged the website ifcca.org, representing the International Financial Claims and Compensation Authority (IFCCA), as a scam. It is not authorized or registered by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), raising significant concerns about its legitimacy. This assertion is false despite the site’s claims of being an independent financial compensation authority established under the FCA.

The domain ifcca.org was registered on November 3, 2023, with ownership details obscured through WhoisSecure in California. Cloudflare, Inc., in Toronto, Canada, hosts the site’s IP address. Despite claiming a London address at 40 Bank Street, the firm’s operations and contact details are dubious. It lists a contact email (info@ifcca.org) and a UK phone number (+44 3300 013 066).

Customer reviews on platforms like Trustpilot are sparse and inconsistent. A single review rates the site highly but lacks corroborative details, and the overall trust score is suspiciously low. Scam Detector gives ifcca.org one of the lowest trust scores at 8.5, indicating a high likelihood of fraudulent activity.

The website’s claims about extensive compensation payouts and recoveries lack verifiable evidence. The domain’s recent registration, low traffic, and questionable engagement metrics further undermine its credibility. Additionally, the website mentions a Company House registration number (15274505), but this appears to be an attempt to feign legitimacy.

Significant red flags, including unauthorized status, recent domain registration, dubious contact information, and poor trust scores, strongly suggest that ifcca.org is a scam. It is advisable to avoid any interactions with this site and report it to relevant authorities if contacted.

IFCCA.org Review Conclusion

The evidence strongly suggests that ifcca.org is a sophisticated scam that exploits individuals seeking financial recovery services.

Despite its polished presentation and claims of legitimacy, its lack of authorization from recognized regulatory bodies such as the Financial Conduct Authority, its recent registration, and inconsistent user reviews cast severe doubts on its authenticity.

The site employs detailed yet ultimately deceptive information to appear credible, but the significant red flags – including dubious contact details, exaggerated claims of compensation, and extremely low trust scores from reputable scam detection sites – indicate a high likelihood of fraudulent activity.

The Bottom Line

Individuals should exercise extreme caution and avoid any engagement with this website to protect themselves from potential financial harm. Reporting suspicious interactions with ifcca.org to appropriate authorities can help prevent others from falling victim to this scam.

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