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Trojan Markets, represented by the domain, is a relatively new entity in the online trading market. The domain was registered on December 19, 2023, with NameCheap, Inc. as the registrar and is set to expire on December 19, 2024. The domain status is marked as clientTransferProhibited and is protected by a privacy service provided by Withheld for Privacy ehf. The website is hosted by Shinjiru Technology Sdn Bhd, a hosting company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with the IP address

The authority and visibility of appear minimal, as indicated by an authority score of 2 and a domain rank of 0 on Semrush. Organic search traffic is nonexistent, suggesting that the domain is either too new or not performing well in search rankings. No organic or paid search traffic data is available, and the domain does not rank for any significant keywords. Similarly, no records of branded or non-branded traffic trends, competitive positioning, or sample text ads exist.

Backlink data reveals a sparse link profile, with only three backlinks from three referring domains. The backlinks are primarily text-based, with one follow and two nofollow links. The referring domains include,, and, which are not high-authority or well-known sources. Consequently, the link quality and overall SEO profile of remain weak.

In summary, Trojan Markets is a new and obscure domain with limited online presence and authority. It lacks organic search traffic, significant backlinks, and visibility in search engine results, raising questions about its legitimacy and effectiveness as an online trading platform. Review

Trojan Markets, accessible via, presents itself as a global online trading platform that integrates traditional investments with Bitcoin-based funding and trading. Despite being new, Trojan Markets claims to offer leveraged trading across various assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, the S&P 500, Tesla, and other significant options. The platform emphasizes a commitment to providing top-tier liquidity and a comprehensive suite of trading tools.

The website’s homepage and various sections outline the company’s philosophy and approach to trading. It highlights discipline, preparation, risk management, adaptability, patience, responsibility, and loyalty.

Trojan Markets offers several account types tailored to different investment levels, ranging from basic to elite. Each has distinct benefits, such as dedicated investment managers and premium trading events.

The company provides detailed information on how to open a live trading account, available deposit methods, and withdrawal procedures. It also emphasizes the segregation of client funds from business funds and assures the safety of personal data.

Contact details include a support email (, a phone number (+1 6137073233), and an office address at Southcore Financial Centre, 18 York St, Toronto, ON M5J 2T8, Canada.

The website also provides a link to a Telegram channel ( for additional support.

Red Flags

Despite its extensive offerings and detailed educational content, several serious red flags indicate potential issues with Trojan Markets.

Firstly, the site is not indexed on Google, raising concerns about its visibility and credibility.

Secondly, the copyright notice is outdated, still showing 2023 instead of the current year, 2024. This discrepancy suggests a lack of attention to detail and updates, which could indicate a hastily assembled or poorly managed site.

Additionally, the platform’s regulatory status is unclear. Although it mentions compliance with various regulatory requirements, there are no concrete details or verifiable certifications provided.

The contact details, while extensive, include a Canadian address, which may not correlate with the hosting details based in Malaysia, adding to the suspicion of the site’s legitimacy.

Furthermore, the domain’s minimal SEO authority, lack of organic traffic, and sparse backlink profile further undermine its credibility.

All these factors combined raise significant concerns about the legitimacy and trustworthiness of Trojan Markets, potentially indicating it as a scam.

Trojan Markets Reviews

Trojan Markets, represented by, presents numerous red flags indicating it is likely a scam.

Despite its claims of being a legitimate global trading platform, multiple user reviews and external sources suggest otherwise:

  • Jeff Windover warns against trusting Trojan Markets, noting they falsely claim associations with Elon Musk and employ aggressive tactics to push for large deposits.
  • Marv challenges others to invest a small amount and attempt to withdraw, asserting that this will reveal the site as a scam.
  • A Medium article includes Trojan Markets in a list of companies selling malware-infected software to steal financial data.
  • Personal Reviews categorically labels Trojan Markets as a scam, emphasizing its lack of regulatory oversight. The site operates like other unregulated brokers, using high-pressure tactics to secure initial deposits and making withdrawing funds nearly impossible. Users report delays in processing withdrawal requests, sometimes extending beyond six months, making chargebacks impossible. If customers sign the Managed Account Agreement, Trojan Markets gains control over their funds, often resulting in a complete loss of the deposited money.
  • The reviews also highlight that Trojan Markets employs tactics like paying for positive reviews to enhance its online reputation. Victims like Diane report losing significant amounts of money due to continuous demands for more deposits under pretenses. Bruce Whyte shares a similar experience of being coerced into making additional deposits with promises of high returns that never materialized.

Overall, the evidence strongly suggests that Trojan Markets is an unregulated, deceitful platform designed to defraud users.

Trojanmarkets Review Conclusion

Based on the gathered information and numerous red flags, Trojan Markets operates in a manner consistent with fraudulent schemes. The lack of regulatory oversight, aggressive tactics to secure deposits, and subsequent difficulties in withdrawing funds point to a high likelihood of this platform being a scam. The experiences of users like Jeff Windover, Marv, and Diane underscore a consistent pattern of deception and financial loss.

Furthermore, the discrepancy in the copyright notice and the absence of Google indexing add to the growing list of concerns. These issues, along with the reports of malware and manipulation of online reviews, paint a clear picture of a company designed to exploit unsuspecting investors.

Bottom Line

While quick profits and sophisticated trading tools might be tempting, the overwhelming evidence suggests that Trojan Markets is not a trustworthy or legitimate platform. Investors are strongly advised to exercise caution and seek out regulated, reputable brokers to ensure their investments are secure. The risks associated with Trojan Markets far outweigh any potential benefits, making it a venture best avoided.

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