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      Alert to the Crypto Community:

      Individuals, particularly those in India, should be wary of using the crypto wallet known as CGL-BMG. A report details a troubling incident in which attempts to withdraw funds were denied despite making deposits through bank transfers to various accounts, save for an initial withdrawal of 90 USDT.

      Key Information:

      • Alleged Scam Entity: CGL-BMG Crypto Wallet
      • Amount Lost: $2,600.00 USD
      • Incident Description: Funds were invested in a crypto wallet (CGL-BMG), which later refused to release the initial deposit, claiming to be a known company in the USA with MSB registration.

      Links and Details:

      • Alleged MSB Registration: (BMG Crypto Group Ltd)

      We implore anyone who has encountered similar situations with CGL-BMG or has information regarding the operation to come forward and share their experiences. Your input could assist in an OSINT investigation and potentially aid others.

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