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Exopip.com - Review

Exopip.com is a newly established trading platform that operates without any regulatory oversight. The platform advertises itself with bold claims of offering the lowest trading fees in the market and providing 24/5 support for traders. These enticing promises may attract many potential users. But they warrant a closer examination to determine whether Exopip.com is truly a trustworthy and reliable option for traders. In this article, we will delve into the details of Exopip.com’s operations, scrutinize its claims, and assess its reliability to help you make an informed decision about using this platform.

We aim to uncover any potential risks and red flags associated with Exopip.com. Ensure you have all the necessary information before committing your time and money to this trading platform.

Exopip.com Review

Exopip.com started on March 1, 2023, and claims to provide a highly advanced trading platform. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that the platform offers only basic features, contradicting its grandiose claims of being a state-of-the-art trading solution.

Additionally. Exopip.com lacks transparency about its leadership and team operations, as there is no clear information about the CEO or key team members. This lack of transparency makes it difficult for users to trust the platform. The promise of 24/5 customer support is also misleading; despite advertising round-the-clock assistance, the platform does not offer chat or email support, leaving users without essential help when needed.

The user policy on Exopip.com is unclear, especially regarding the true trading costs. While the homepage advertises low trading fees, it fails to disclose any hidden fees that users may incur, creating uncertainty about the costs involved. The sign-up process is also restrictive, requiring a referral code to register. This requirement can limit access for new users and complicate the onboarding process.

These issues collectively raise significant concerns about the platform’s reliability and transparency. Potential users should be aware of these red flags and proceed cautiously when considering Exopip.com as their trading platform.

Red Flags

  1. Only Accepts Crypto Deposits: Users have reported that Exopip.com only accepts cryptocurrency deposits. This means that traditional payment methods, such as bank transfers or other regulated payment options, are unavailable. This limitation not only restricts the ease of transactions but also raises concerns about the platform’s adherence to financial regulations and security standards.
  1. No Social Media Appearance: Exopip.com lacks any presence on social media platforms. A strong social media presence is essential for engaging with users, providing updates, and demonstrating transparency. The absence of social media accounts makes it difficult for potential users to verify the platform’s credibility and stay informed about their services and announcements.
  1. Newly Registered with No Background Data: The platform was only registered recently, on March 1, 2023. There is no background information or historical data available about Exopip.com. Which makes it challenging to assess its reliability and track record. This lack of historical presence raises doubts about the platform’s legitimacy and experience in the trading industry.
  1. Unclear About Section: The About section on Exopip.com is vague and does not provide sufficient information about the company’s history. leadership, or team operations. This lack of transparency prevents users from understanding who is behind the platform and how it operates, which is crucial for establishing trust.
  1. Referral Code Requirement: Exopip.com requires a referral code to complete the sign-up process. Without a referral code, users cannot open an account. This restrictive practice can limit access for new users and raise suspicions about the platform’s intentions. It suggests an attempt to control and limit the user base. Which could be a tactic to perpetuate scams by giving access only to select individuals who might be part of the scheme.


Exopip.com operates without regulatory oversight, raising significant concerns about its legitimacy and security. Our investigation revealed that the platform does not provide any information about being regulated by any financial authority. Despite extensive efforts to verify its regulatory status, we found no evidence. Exopip.com is subject to any financial regulations or oversight.

Each point of interaction on their website. From the About section to the user policies, there is no mention of compliance with industry standards or regulatory bodies. This absence of regulatory information raises a major red flag. Regulated platforms must adhere to strict guidelines that protect users’ interests and ensure fair trading practices. Users face higher risks without regulation, including potential fraud and the lack of legal recourse in disputes. Potential users should exercise extreme caution and consider the inherent risks of trading on an unregulated platform like Exopip.com.


ExoPip, an investment service, holds a TrustScore of 2.2 out of 5 on Trustpilot, reflecting widespread user dissatisfaction. Of 92 reviews, 49% are 1-star, highlighting significant customer grievances. Common complaints include accusations of fraud, unresponsive customer service, and difficulties in withdrawing funds. Many users describe ExoPip as a scam, sharing experiences of losing substantial amounts of money after initial successful transactions. For instance, Nathan Nawrocki and Jennifer report losing their investments entirely, with Jennifer losing over $350,000. Other reviewers, such as Randy Simms and Leena, recount similar issues, emphasizing the company’s unprofessional and deceptive practices. ExoPip’s responses to these reviews often claim difficulty locating user accounts, which reviewers find frustrating and inadequate. The consensus among most reviewers is clear: ExoPip is highly unreliable and should be avoided.

Exopip.com Review Conclusion

Exopip.com exhibits several red flags that raise serious concerns about its reliability and trustworthiness as a trading platform. The platform’s claims of providing advanced features and exceptional support contradict its basic functionalities and lack of customer service. Moreover, the absence of transparency regarding the company’s leadership and operational details further undermines trust .Exopip.com only accepts cryptocurrency deposits, bypassing more secure and regulated payment methods, which adds to the risk for users.

Furthermore, the requirement for a referral code to sign up limits access and suggests potential ulterior motives. Most importantly, the platform operates without any regulatory oversight, exposing users to significant risks without the protection offered by regulated platforms. Given these numerous issues, potential traders should exercise extreme caution and consider seeking more transparent, secure, and regulated alternatives for their trading activities.

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