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      ExternalCoins set up my trading account, and I transferred money to via After approximately 22 days, my account showed a balance of $15,000 USD, equivalent to CAD 21,000. When I requested to withdraw $10,000 USD, the account manager, Maria Diaz, informed me that she needed to obtain approval from her supervisor. However, the following day, my account was abruptly closed. Maria then claimed that it was the blockchain that was holding my funds. Subsequently, an individual claiming to be from Blockchain contacted me via phone and email, requesting that I sign documents that appeared to be fraudulent. I refused to sign them and confronted him about not being associated with the company Blockchain, after which he ceased all communication with me. ExternalCoins is located at 40 Bank Street, 7th level, London E14 5NR, with contact numbers +44 2039948804 and +44 2030316628, and can be reached at and

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