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      Avoid any association with this company, as they are running a fraudulent operation. Initially, they enticed me with a promotional offer of a $500 credit to open an account, subsequently pressuring me to deposit more funds. After beginning trading with the $500 credit, I grew my account to over $6,500. However, I was expelled from their services due to a decision by “Mr. Jeffrey Klein,” who stated a preference for working with individuals who had deposited $10,000 or more, with the goal of increasing their accounts to $100,000. In response, I deposited $60,000 to meet this criterion. Yet, when I tried to withdraw my funds, they imposed a 30% commission fee and demanded an equivalent deposit to cover this fee, which was a red flag. Many individuals have been victimized by this organization. I strongly recommend against involvement with them. I am currently engaging with Tracingia LLC for repatriation, which has been a positive experience so far.

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