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      If you’ve recently encountered a crypto investment opportunity from, please proceed with extreme caution. A victim recently reported a scam involving this website, initiated by an individual named Laura, who claimed to represent “Financial Crypto Investment” on TikTok. The scam unfolded as follows:

      • The victim was contacted via TikTok and asked to send WhatsApp information.
      • They received a WhatsApp call from +234 702 631 8963 but did not answer. Communication continued through text messages.
      • The scam involved sending screenshots of Bitcoin holdings and transactions on CashApp, with an initial investment pushed from $60 to $105 under the guise of a minimum requirement for setting up a trade account.
      • When attempting to withdraw funds, the victim was instructed to pay $853 for “currency conversion” to the wallet address 1HZeq9gv12pKRFSguGiqnGj8FTKZE-jj4wS.
      • The scam contact information included an unresponsive email,, and a fake phone number.
      • The scam website used was
      • The victim lost $105, and the scam was reported to target individuals in the 90018 ZIP code in California, USA.

      This case serves as a stark reminder of the sophistication of online scams and the importance of verifying the legitimacy of investment opportunities, especially in the volatile realm of cryptocurrency. If you have experienced a similar scam or have any information related to this scammer, please share your story to help others avoid falling victim to similar fraudulent schemes. Your insights could be invaluable in preventing further losses and assisting in OSINT investigations.

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