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      A recent case has been brought to our attention where an individual conducted a person-to-person Ethereum transfer for services rendered. The individual wishes to confirm the receipt of funds and has concerns over potentially being scammed.

      Case Details:

      – Cryptocurrency: Ether/ERC20 Token
      – Transaction Hash: 0x181ecc825f639b9c26ed765746064226160a805943cf4d25703a24bba4f30a3a
      – Receiving Address: 0x4660A04F585c56b3260958083B7FbA25Cf1fDF00
      – Amount Sent: 0.06883159 ETH
      – Value: Approximately $201.55
      – Date of Transaction: 01:10 AM – Feb 20, 2024
      – Network: Ethereum

      If you have experienced a similar situation or have been scammed by the same or different entity, please share your experience. Doing so can help others avoid falling victim to similar scams.

      Cautionary Advice:

      – Always confirm the completion of services before making a payment, especially in person-to-person transactions.
      – Utilize the transaction hash to confirm on the blockchain via a block explorer that the transaction was successful.
      – Be wary of any follow-up requests for additional payments without clear confirmation of services rendered or goods received.

      If you have additional information or have been affected by a related scam, your input could be invaluable in preventing further deceitful practices. Remember, vigilance and verification are key in safeguarding your assets in the digital space.

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