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      The cryptocurrency community must be cautious of a potential scam involving a service or platform purporting to be “Zalando.” An individual has reported a fraudulent incident after attempting to engage in an online job that turned out to be a scam, resulting in the loss of funds.

      Reported Scam Details:

      • Scam Name: Zalando (unconfirmed association with the legitimate Zalando platform)
      • Scam Website URL: Allegedly related to “www.zalando” (exact URL not provided; the legitimate site may not be involved)

      Bitcoin Transaction Information:

      • Withdrawal to Address: 3BQciEEsJQR7ZJF7xRafjDrSBd9ANsFQBw
      • Amount Withdrawn: 0.00668327 BTC
      • Transaction Fees: 0.00007055 BTC
      • Blockchain Status: Confirmed

      Please note that the screenshots show a completed Bitcoin transaction to the aforementioned address, with additional instructions for depositing to a platform, possibly related to a scam.

      If you have engaged in transactions with this entity or have been requested to send funds to the address listed and have suffered losses, you are encouraged to share your experience. Your information may assist in alert investigations and help others avoid similar scams.

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