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      • Scam Name: Guardians of Light
      • Contact Information:
      • Transaction Hash: 91ccb003a16ae135f0f3b82eca50d7082819f8db074b50d53f290289e6f62ac1
      • Receiving Address: 175гD3R6XSNLM28W89aHbcQuZGtcUMxAUa

      Please be cautious of a cryptocurrency scam posing as a promotional investment scheme called “Guardians of Light.” Victims were persuaded to invest large sums, such as $10,000, with the promise of receiving exceptionally high returns, like $500,000.

      This scam operates via a Gmail address ( rather than a professional or official website, a common red flag in fraudulent schemes.

      Details shared by victims point to this scam involving direct communication through email, with cryptocurrency transactions directed to the Bitcoin address listed above.

      If you have fallen victim to this scam or have conducted transactions with the associated Bitcoin address, please share your experiences. Additional information like related addresses, transaction details, or communications can assist in collective efforts to expose and prevent further scams of this nature.

      Always verify the legitimacy and reputation of any investment opportunity before transferring funds, especially in offers that sound too good to be true. Stay vigilant and protect your assets.

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