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      • Scammer Name: Celia Aguayo
      • Scammer Contact Number: +1 (310) 932-4054
      • Reported Loss: $11,000
      • Target Location: TX, USA – 79412
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency
      • Date Reported: March 1, 2024
      • Scammer Location: Beverly Hills, CA – 90211
      • Scam Platform: Facebook and Facebook Messenger

      Description of the Scam: The scammer, identifying herself as Celia Aguayo, approached the victim on Facebook, claiming she could assist in paying off mortgages and credit card debts through investments in Bitcoin. Initially hesitant, the victim was persuaded to invest, maxing out two credit cards for $11,000. Aguayo pushed for further financial commitments, including mortgaging the victim’s house and applying for high-interest credit cards. When the victim resisted, Aguayo resorted to threats, falsely claiming that the IRS would seize their home unless they complied with her demands for an additional $5,000 to meet the $15,000 target investment. The contact ended in February 2024 after persistent refusal and threats.

      If you have encountered Celia Aguayo or similar investment scams on Facebook or any other platform, please share your experiences. Additional details about your interactions, such as screenshots, transaction records, or further communication, can help others recognize and avoid these scams.

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