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      Beware of the Fraudulent Trading Platform COINNLINK

      A concerning cryptocurrency scam has been reported involving the website COINNLINK, which masquerades as a legitimate cryptocurrency trading platform. The platform has been identified as part of a sophisticated scam that uses emotional manipulation and false promises of profitable trading to deceive victims.

      Details of the Scam:

      • Scam Website:
      • USDT Address for Scam: TFnmwXemrCrFfHkiuuTG8cBxovpBnTbiwv
      • Domain Registrar: Domains By Proxy LLC, Tempe, Arizona, allows anonymous registration.
      • Hosting Details: IT7 Networks Inc, Los Angeles, US; IP address:
      • Contacted by: A person claiming to be “Li Yunxi,” using UK mobile number +44 7960 039860, through WhatsApp.
      • Victim’s Initial and Attempted Withdrawals: The victim successfully withdrew 2,500 USDT initially but was later unable to withdraw 18,000 USDT and 5,000 USDT.
      • Email Demanding Deposit: Victims are falsely informed that they must deposit 8,000 USDT to “verify” their operations and unlock their accounts.
      • Location of Targeted Individual: CA, USA – 92124
      • Date Reported: December 3, 2023

      If you’ve been scammed by COINNLINK or have had similar encounters, your story is vital. Sharing your experience can help warn others and might provide crucial data for open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigations to track down and stop these scammers.

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